Friday, June 8, 2012

Company's Coming & Going!

 It's June time...and the sun is shining today.
My previous posts have indicated that I've been on a cleaning or shopping binge.
Well, for now...the task list  is completed.
Family have arrived from Europe and we are enjoying our time together.

While hosting and overseeing several large events this summer, 
100th Birthday, wedding plans,and entertaining company,
I've decided to take a pause from blogging.

May you all experience some down time this summer.
and milk it for what it's worth.
I'll be back next fall to keep you posted again.

Cheers to all of you!


  1. Oh, I shall miss you Marg! I too am finding it harder to keep up this summer with the wedding and such! Enjoy every minute of your visiting, planning, summer fun, and I look forward to hearing all about it later in the fall. Make time for yourself and take lots of pictures of the wedding..... Hugs!

  2. I will miss your posts this summer, but I am happy that you have some fun activities ahead. Good luck with all of them. Hope to see you back soon!

  3. Summer time is a busy time anyway never mind all the other things happening. Take a break and enjoy your summer, Marg!

  4. I'll miss you, Marg, but I think a break is a grand idea. I took a 2 week break and it was the only way to focus on what needed to be done. I hope you'll keep in touch...and remember Have Fun with all of the preparations! It goes by too quickly!

  5. Enjoy your summer break, Marg! I'll miss you but look forward to 'seeing' you again in the fall.

  6. You mean my dad had some time off to do something other than teaching? Way to go Marg... I think a man in his 70's should be retired, not working 4 days a week LOL

  7. Enjoy your time off from the blog Marg while everything else is full speed ahead!!

  8. Happy, busy times!! Enjoy!

  9. OH do have a wonderful summer! I am so happy I get to share a bit with you in between!

  10. You just enjoy your 'comings & goings'...and tell us all about it in 'the sweet by and by'!

  11. Hey Marg - so good to hear from you today (I've missed your posts and your sense of humour). I am still working and it's been a crazy month - I had to cook anyway and we had some major events worth blogging about but I have to say that by August I'll be taking some time off too to get ready for our wedding. When was, or is, your daughter's wedding? Also, I figure by the end of November I'll be running out of recipes to post - since it'll be a year's worth by then - lol! I should have paced myself - right?
    Take care my friend and treat yourself after your busy Spring of hostessing!!!!

  12. Enjoy your blog break and happy occasions, Marg! We'll be here when you resume.

  13. Hope that you are enjoying your summer. It sounds like a lot of good times packing into a short, much too short summer!


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