Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

Rain Rain Go Away!
I just wants to play!
I love gardening...
I found a whole bunch of wooden flowering pots at flea market prices.
Then I decided to try out a new local garden market.
Almost at flea market prices.

But somehow it just won't stop raining, and I'm getting anxious.
Ah..I looked up...clouds opening...and it stopped raining for a few hours.
I decided to check out  the dirt pile and fill up my containers.
Then I carefully placed all the plants into the wooden barrels,
using my favorite colors, RED!
Last year I tried some different arrangements..
but this year I went back to what works well for me.
 It was cold and windy, but nevertheless, a little dirt under my nails,
shows me that I've done something I love.

Finally I brought back the truck, ready for the big haul, and loaded them up.
It's still a bit cool, but who all knows what will happen when that first burst appears.
I'll  keep them in the garage, open the door for a few hours, and keep them watered.
At least they will be climatized and ready to produce some color.

Hopefully soon!


  1. Red geraniums and the green spiky things are just the flowers I choose! I love them. We are having great weather so I hope you get some soon, too!

  2. You got lots accomplished....your containers look so nice and will be full and even prettier once the sun kisses them.

  3. Love those pots you found at nearly flea market prices LOL! Hopefully we'll get a good stretch of sunshine soon!!

  4. I see you are ready...for the sun to shine! Good job on rounding up all those barrel planters...and getting your plants in...between showers.

  5. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    I love those pots. Wish I could find some like that. I'm waiting for the weather to warm up a bit so I can plant mine. Red geraniums and dracenias (sp??) always work for me as well. Yours look lovely.

    Gloria S

  6. You'll be all ready when the sun makes an appearance! I love red geraniums too.

  7. Your pots look great! Oh - you've inspired me to get my annuals purchased and planted! I want my window boxes to look wonderful in September for the wedding - what should I plant in them I wonder??? Any suggestions? Geraniums are always nice and I love red too.

  8. I just read your note about scalding yourself!!!! I hope you're O.K. - that really really hurts - yikes!!! Where do you work? I know it's somewhere where there are volunteers and that they have bandages - smile. Hope you're better soon!

    1. It's slowly finding it's way to recovery. I worked at Trinity Western University for 10 years and now in my past 5 years I've worked at our local hospital in Chilliwack as the Volunteer Coordinator (half time) It's been a great time and have worked with wonderful staff, but the time is coming.

  9. Yup, I agree, go back to what works well for you! And those planters are definitely working well for you! Gorgeous. Elegant, simple, low maintenance. Luuuuuv it.


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