Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mennonite Girls Need to Clean!

There are times when a Mennonite Girl must do more than cook. 
We are anticipating some wonderful events this spring. 
 European family for the month of June. 
Another 100th Celebration!
And a backyard wedding in August.

I've got a Check list on the go!
Check  all air vents and clean them

Check all furnace ducts.

Check all cabinets.
I'm not sure what happened today...but please READ On...
as there is a glitch and my story has more.

  Restore some cabinets.

 Check all window toppers...they need washing.
Wash windows.
Clean blinds.
How many years has it been?

Check;  Carpet Cleaners came today.

Check the nooks and crannies.
Dust balls over and under the beds.

Check the fridge.
Had no choice as it decided to defrost on it's own last week.
It's fixed, and I cleaned as Mr. Fix It completed his job and I'm happy again.

These products keep me happy as I clean.
A few more weeks and my check list will be complete.
As you can tell, I'd rather do many other fun things than clean...
but every once in awhile one needs to dig in, get down and dirty.
So for now, I'm not playing too much.

Check this little fellow.
Ooops!  I forgot and he was there to tell me
how his little trike drove off the curb and he was waiting for me.

I better remember to stay focused on what matters most!


  1. A little bit of your motivation would be good over here at this old house! That little guy looks a bit sad for sure! Good for you for keeping up with the preparations so you can relax more during the events!

    1. Good for you...putting that all behind you before summer arrives! So...you are saying I need a big event to get me motivated? Maybe I'll have to schedule one.

      What is cleaning paste? Do I need it?

  2. Do tell us more about the cleaning paste. Sounds interesting. And, good for you for getting down and dirty. It definitely isn't my favorite thing to do either.

    Your little buddy is so cute.♥

  3. Could you send some of that energy over my way? I have the same list and have been whittling it down little by little. A week over in your neck of the woods seriously cuts into my pre-wedding cleaning time, so I'll just have to work faster!

  4. Oh Marg - I need your cleaning energy here too!! You are amazing. Nothing like having house guests for a month, a broken fridge or a wedding to get one seriously motivated. Your little Karate Kid is so adorable and has a way to keep you grounded.

  5. Oh my.. that is detailed cleaning! That must be pretty special company that is coming! You make me tired just thinking about having to do that all.

  6. OH you are working so hard. That is amazing how you are giving your home a go over before company arrives. I'm tired too...where do you get all this energy?

    1. I need to stay focused and I finally have some milestone events to keep me energized...Just watch me collapse.

  7. so much to do.....remember you are the only one that will know about every nook and cranny.....but it's a good feeling! You have so much to look forward to in the coming days....keep enjoying the moments in the days you are in right now:) I'm enjoying the peeks at the preparations for the wedding.

  8. Way to go Marg - that's quite a chore when you do it all at once.
    I've been doing the same thing here at my daughter's. With working full time, 2 active boys, a house in the midst of rennos and all the community events they're involved in, the "nooks and crannies" often get missed. It feels so good when the job is done!

  9. Any time I want to really get my whole house cleaned and organize...I invite guests to come stay for a bit. Having guests motives me to clean like nothing else will.Isn't it amazing what we will do for others (or perhaps it is just pride/fear of being judged?)

    It really is great exercise too!


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