Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Feet

I received a text, "Can you go shopping on Sunday for Mikki's dress?"
"Absolutely, I'd love to go shopping." 
"Wear something nice." 
So the Bride and I had a pre-dinner meeting to discuss the fashion reviews
 and wishes  of the maid of honor.
" we not dress up enough?" we both asked ourselves.
 We arrive in the city...
 "You are all dressed up!" she exclaims with glee.
 "I can't believe it."
 "Let me take you to brunch...I have three options...I know just the right place." 

We walked into this elegant back yard patio....
We felt like some sort of celebrities.
So we imagined ourselves to be the future Housewives of Vancouver,
 identifying with the high society class.

Don't they look like some celebrities that you know?
I just know that I loved the atmosphere and appreciated the elegance.
I believe the Maid of Honor made a fine choice.

The Maid of Honor excused herself to chat briefly with the hostess.

Before we knew it...we had  champagne cocktails prior to brunch.
We enjoyed a grandeur lounge experience with elegance and luxury.
What else does a Bride deserve?

Then we proceeded to outline our shopping itinerary for the day.
We walked the streets of Oak and Main...
paying for parking, only to find out that the boutique had closed two years ago.
We kept walking....
Tired feet?
Oh my....

"Mom, I saw your Birks in the car." says the Bride.
We knew that runners were not accepted,
but how do you keep up with the Maid of Honor on a search for a dress?
I had thrown in an extra pair of walking shoes.
After several hours I sensed, the Bride was hungry and tired.
"Mom, I need your Birks" she growled in vain.

No Dress, No Food, and No Happy Feet.
We stopped at Starbucks, had a snack,
took care of the Bride's sore feet and marched on to the Bay!
And within minutes we found the dress.
Two happy girls and one happy Mother.

At the Bay?
They could not believe that there Mother, who always knows best,
would drag them through the Bay to find the perfect dress.

And of course, ladies, always add an extra pair of walking shoes.
You never know who needs to experience
It's worth it all.
Mom's always know best.
It's fun to be the Mother of the Bride.


  1. What a fun post and great Maid of Honor to find a great spot to start your day. Yes happy feet are important for the Mother of the Bride as I painfully discovered on the wedding day. Glad you girls ended your day with success!!

  2. Love it - great post Marg. I love your sense of humour and the way you write a story. Hmmmm - I think I better check out The Bay! Have you got your dress yet? I need help!

    1. Yes, we all have our dresses. I found my in Vancouver at a smaller boutique that carries those dresses for curves...I very simple shift/like dress with a small jacket to cover those arms..

  3. Love it! There is nothing that can kill a shopping day quicker than unhappy feet. I have had to rethink my outfit many times when I realized my feet would not work with the clothing. It is so smart to have an extra pair of shoes in the car.
    Can't wait to see the laides all dressed in wedding finery!

    So glad you had a good mother/daughters day!!

  4. What a fun day shopping for bridal wear with your favorite shopping partners. I can so relate to the unhappy feet problem. I'm afraid that I have become one of the "sensible" fashion followers with my feet (yes, comfort now wins over style)! Can't wait to see your wedding pictures!

  5. AnonymousMay 28, 2012

    I'm glad that you had a successful day. Your daughters are beautiful! Dairymary

  6. Marg... you just keep enjoying being mother of the bride!
    I'm so glad you had a beautiful day with your girls....
    oh... and I got my dress for a special occasion, guess where?
    I too was surprised! The Bay downtown is not the same as the
    Bay in the valley, that's for sure.

  7. And who says that you can't get more accomplished in birks than you can in heels? LOL. What an exciting time for you lovely ladies! The choice of lunch venues...STELLAR!

  8. Wait! I thought that wearing your birks WAS dressing up! LOL
    Love that luncheon spot! That's what I want my pack patio to look like!

  9. My daughter was married last week, Marg, so I know the feelings of fun and anticipation you are feeling right now! Enjoy all the special moment leading up to the wedding day!

  10. I love your brunch venue! Looks like a most special spot. And it sounds like the shopping trip turned out just fine as well. Great!

    We were in Vancouver as also...and our shopping trip was a success as well.

  11. It sounds like you had a lovely day! Mother knows best, for sure, and the Bay is a great place to find a pretty dress.

  12. Such a fun day and how special to have daughters who are also friends! I'm glad you were able to find a dress! I'm looking forward to the pictures that will come later!

  13. One thing you did not find. But it's not your fault. It's only available on Amazon. Search for nestoiter-gravity on Amazon and experience what's it like have your feet in heaven, especially after wearing heels, or just being on the feet for many hours. The black bar with bulging veins is a better choice for the young and young at heart. Good post. It was a pleasure reading it.

  14. Mother of the bride. Ah, it has such a nice sound. Enjoy every moment. And, it looks like you had a successful day.

  15. Such fun, even with a few physical trials. For my son's wedding I had very high heels for the walk down the aisle, photos and dance, and flats for the rest of the events. Oh yeah...worked out great!

  16. What a relief that you all have your dresses now - and you were one smart cookie to bring those extra shoes!

  17. How fun to spend a day in Vancouver shopping with your daughters and do a bit of what everyone loves....dress up and all!

  18. Oh...happy feet! I am going to on the look out for some shoes that make my feet happy next weekend.
    You girls are having such a great time together....making memories that will last a life time.


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