Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's FAVE FIVE

It's Friday's Favorite Five again!
As most of you know...I love my garden,
and I love my grandsons...
So for this week one of my highlights was gardening.

I invited this little fellow to help...
but before I knew it he was climbing over the wood stack.
Isn't that what little boys do?
Before long he was stuck.
From a distance, I could hear the words,
"Oma, help me...I'm stuck."

We studied and discussed the eyes of the potatoes.
"Why do potatoes have so many eyes?"
It did not take long before he caught on,
that the eyes need to be pointing upwards towards the sun.

You'd think all boys would know about worms...
We had a quick lesson and he reluctantly picked up the worm.
His facial expression tells you what he was thinking.
This week I was blessed with friends dropping by unexpectedly.
Conversations in the rain and conversations around my island.
I think my quota was used up this week.
It was truly a week of recognizing the blessings of friendship.
Would you believe there was another birthday celebration?
I guess once you've turned 60, there's reason to celebrate.
Having lived in one community for 60 years,
makes one realize how friendships have grown and become more valued and cherished.
This week we celebrated with  our friends from our fellowship group at church.
We also enjoyed a game of lawn croquet.
Our little grandsons thought this was an old mans' version of golfing.
We celebrated our son's birthday and had a wonderful time.

What were the highlights of your week?
Join Susanne at Living to Tell a Story and you can join in with the rest of us.
Thanks Susanne for providing us this opportunity.


  1. What a good week you must have had - grandsons and gardening just go together. I'm saving some fun garden chores for when ours arrive.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful full week. Keep celebrating!!

  3. A week of gardening and grandsons? How could it be any better!! And celebration, too. Have a great week ahead.

  4. Such cute fun! Looks like you are well on your way with your garden, and this next week sunny - hoorah! Have a good week.

  5. I love that 'stuck' picture! Glad you found a few dry hours to enjoy the great outdoors. And now I am thinking we should pull out the croquet game one of these days.

  6. Your beautiful scenery reminds me so much of my Idaho valley where I grew up. It looks so pretty and green! I hope your potatoes do well.

  7. LOL! I had to look at the "stuck" picture a couple of times to figure it out. LOL. Too cute.

    What beautiful lawns you have to play games on. And the view is awesome.

  8. Fun times with the wee boy - I'm so glad I joined the Grandma club!! I was just saying to Roger the other day we need to get a croquet set. We used to play quite a bit. It's fun. And another bday party? You're making me look forward to 60!!

  9. It was a good week. Seeing you plant your potatoes with your helper makes me want to get into our dirt too. I saw some potatoes are coming up...even without me planting any.
    Thank you for the coffee around your was good and I love how you make me feel welcome and at home.

    1. I always appreciate you dropping by.


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