Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Angry Birds

You've all heard of the game Angry Birds? 
It's an APP/game which you can download and my little boys love it.
 As soon as they come over, they want to play Angry Birds on my IPAD.
Today this little fellow came bounding up the stairs to show me his new shirt.

little did he know that I was preparing this blog.

Yes, there have been a few Angry Birds around this place.

 I've been working hard at completing my 'to do list' before my guests arrive from Europe.
I've been on a rampant cleaning rage.

You've got all the evidence.
With some big events happening, this summer,
I've been busy cleaning windows inside and outside till the Angry Birds appeared.

I found this Handy Dandy Man, and he came immediately to my rescue.
As you can see he began to veil the house with black netting,
trying to redirect those Angry Birds.
Just as he finished one window....
 they spattered the second window...this was all in a matter of hours.

At night time, I checked....only to see him perched on one leg resting.
I called Mr Handy Dandy, and said, "It's our turn...let's capture him."
We both did not have the heart...we were only in a hands' reach.

 The next morning, I opened my front door.
and the whole neighborhood heard my angry voice.
"Was it Angry Birds or an Angry Housewife?"

You have to admit, they do look sort of cute...
just not on my front doorstep.

The story continues....
I walked to my garden and noticed all my lettuce was gone.
Mr. Handy Dandy quickly took me to the CO-OP,
and we bought rabbit wire.

Together, we assembled the rabbit wire in hopes of growing a garden.

Next morning, I peaked out early...sure enough, there were many
rabbits running along the tree line waiting for there feast...
I think we outwitted Peter Rabbit.

Just when I thought.....we were almost finished...
it dawned on me....The Dog, known as Drift loves to protect his domain.
I did not say much...
Mr. Handy Dandy, quickly put up a fence.

Oh and by the way...tonight a friendly neighbor man
saw my pleading attempts and captured the Angry Bird.
He sent him on to a new home.
Beware if you see some Angry Birds hanging around your place.


  1. Not angry here...in fact laughing at your bird/critter warefare! The angry pig sounds were playing in my head as I read too.
    Never give up!

  2. Oh my those birds are really persistent. I'm glad you are finding some ways to keep the critters from eating all your garden bounty, too.

  3. Oh my goodness, Marg, you have been under siege! The next thing will be deer.....
    It's a good thing you have lots of ideas for defenses for house and garden and have foiled the invaders!
    Angry birds? I'll bet they're frustrated birds now!
    Good luck as you continue with your preparations. We're down to four days now!

  4. Those persistent birds have left me alone for a few years. I hope the one that you sent packing, does not show up here! Birds, bunnies, and big dogs...your handy dandy guy has his work cut out for him.

  5. Oh my - you have me giggling. I can identify so much with the birds, the bunnies and the dog! Where and when can I hire that "handy guy"? Sure could use him around here.

  6. Oh dear! Poor you! I understand the frustration - I had my flower bed just perfect for our son's wedding (which was in our yard). And then the day before, Sophie, our dog, decided to chase a mouse all through it. It was the only time she ever did anything like that. I had to drive to town and buy more plants. I stuck them in the holes and no one was any wiser.

  7. From one who has messy blotches on all the biggest windows (the ones with the best views of course) I can understand your frustration. Also our newly painted dark coloured siding has been gleefully decorated by the same birds with contrasting white streaks. Oh the joys of living in the country!

  8. I can't believe how determined those birds are. But you two seem equally determined to have your place spic and span for your company.

  9. AnonymousMay 23, 2012

    I was driving in your neighbourhood yesterday, and saw a couple dozen large birds, were they vultures, or eagles I don't know - in and above the fields near your house! Were they angry, who knows, but they were close! Dairymary

  10. LOL! So sorry you are having such a 'hare' raising and "shitty" time on the homestead!

  11. My Little Man loves Angry Birds too.
    What kind of bird is that? We have house finches here :) but they stay away from my windows. I frowned my teacher frown at them.

  12. Oh I love this!! It just makes me smile. It just goes to show..one persons frustration causes another persons entertainment. Sad isn't it? You have such a good man! I am glad!


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