Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Feet

I received a text, "Can you go shopping on Sunday for Mikki's dress?"
"Absolutely, I'd love to go shopping." 
"Wear something nice." 
So the Bride and I had a pre-dinner meeting to discuss the fashion reviews
 and wishes  of the maid of honor.
" we not dress up enough?" we both asked ourselves.
 We arrive in the city...
 "You are all dressed up!" she exclaims with glee.
 "I can't believe it."
 "Let me take you to brunch...I have three options...I know just the right place." 

We walked into this elegant back yard patio....
We felt like some sort of celebrities.
So we imagined ourselves to be the future Housewives of Vancouver,
 identifying with the high society class.

Don't they look like some celebrities that you know?
I just know that I loved the atmosphere and appreciated the elegance.
I believe the Maid of Honor made a fine choice.

The Maid of Honor excused herself to chat briefly with the hostess.

Before we knew it...we had  champagne cocktails prior to brunch.
We enjoyed a grandeur lounge experience with elegance and luxury.
What else does a Bride deserve?

Then we proceeded to outline our shopping itinerary for the day.
We walked the streets of Oak and Main...
paying for parking, only to find out that the boutique had closed two years ago.
We kept walking....
Tired feet?
Oh my....

"Mom, I saw your Birks in the car." says the Bride.
We knew that runners were not accepted,
but how do you keep up with the Maid of Honor on a search for a dress?
I had thrown in an extra pair of walking shoes.
After several hours I sensed, the Bride was hungry and tired.
"Mom, I need your Birks" she growled in vain.

No Dress, No Food, and No Happy Feet.
We stopped at Starbucks, had a snack,
took care of the Bride's sore feet and marched on to the Bay!
And within minutes we found the dress.
Two happy girls and one happy Mother.

At the Bay?
They could not believe that there Mother, who always knows best,
would drag them through the Bay to find the perfect dress.

And of course, ladies, always add an extra pair of walking shoes.
You never know who needs to experience
It's worth it all.
Mom's always know best.
It's fun to be the Mother of the Bride.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Angry Birds

You've all heard of the game Angry Birds? 
It's an APP/game which you can download and my little boys love it.
 As soon as they come over, they want to play Angry Birds on my IPAD.
Today this little fellow came bounding up the stairs to show me his new shirt.

little did he know that I was preparing this blog.

Yes, there have been a few Angry Birds around this place.

 I've been working hard at completing my 'to do list' before my guests arrive from Europe.
I've been on a rampant cleaning rage.

You've got all the evidence.
With some big events happening, this summer,
I've been busy cleaning windows inside and outside till the Angry Birds appeared.

I found this Handy Dandy Man, and he came immediately to my rescue.
As you can see he began to veil the house with black netting,
trying to redirect those Angry Birds.
Just as he finished one window....
 they spattered the second window...this was all in a matter of hours.

At night time, I checked....only to see him perched on one leg resting.
I called Mr Handy Dandy, and said, "It's our turn...let's capture him."
We both did not have the heart...we were only in a hands' reach.

 The next morning, I opened my front door.
and the whole neighborhood heard my angry voice.
"Was it Angry Birds or an Angry Housewife?"

You have to admit, they do look sort of cute...
just not on my front doorstep.

The story continues....
I walked to my garden and noticed all my lettuce was gone.
Mr. Handy Dandy quickly took me to the CO-OP,
and we bought rabbit wire.

Together, we assembled the rabbit wire in hopes of growing a garden.

Next morning, I peaked out early...sure enough, there were many
rabbits running along the tree line waiting for there feast...
I think we outwitted Peter Rabbit.

Just when I thought.....we were almost finished...
it dawned on me....The Dog, known as Drift loves to protect his domain.
I did not say much...
Mr. Handy Dandy, quickly put up a fence.

Oh and by the way...tonight a friendly neighbor man
saw my pleading attempts and captured the Angry Bird.
He sent him on to a new home.
Beware if you see some Angry Birds hanging around your place.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's FAVE Five

It's the end of another busy week.
Many delightful surprises for me that I can't help sharing.


What a surprise to be greeted with freshly baked pie by the yard.
Anneliese your recipe has become famous.
We devoured that with a fresh cup of coffee.

Plans were made to picnic on the Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver.
A warm sunny day in the could not get better.

The famous family quilt from 35 years ago was packed.
This was my first quilt purchased at an MCC Sale.
And who was  delegating her father with instructions of what to pack?
Salads, hamburgers, fruit and all the amenities.
I watched as my husband hastily packed all the supplies needed for a picnic,
while I was instructed to relax.
Those girls have been taught well.

The men stood by and operated the BBQ.
Who was delegated to bring the meat?
Cheerfully everyone pitched in and we had a wonderful time.

I loved watching this little fellow make his own slingshot.
Just the way a little boy should...

I also enjoyed a wonderful visit with Pondside, sitting on Judy's Front Porch.

Today a dear friend, dropped in,
one who supported and mentored my husband and I in our early years.
I love those surprise visits...and we both continued to share our stories.
Those are the highlights for this week.

Hope you all have a great extended weekend.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Hole In ONE!

 Sunny clear skies welcomed our week with many outdoor festivities,
celebrating Mother's Day!
The words, 'Castle Fun Park', had these little boys excited.
They were all cranked up to enjoying a game of mini-golf.
But the big question came, "Can Oma still golf?"

Trust these little guys to keep score accurately.
"No cheating" were the words we could here from the distance.
Here they are sharing there golf putting tips.

 Finally we arrived at the 18th Hole.

 And the little guy had his own style completely.
I wonder what Tiger Woods would think of this position?
Don't you just love his stance?
And guess what?
He scored a Hole in One!
Looks like this Oma will be going back for another round.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Please join me and wish this gal a Happy Birthday!
She is someone who loves to travel,
loves her work,
loves to network,
loves her husband and family,
and loves LIFE!

Life should not be a journey to the grave,
with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body:
Rather, arrive SIDEWAYS, CHOCOLATE in one hand, WINE in the other,
body thoroughly used up,
totally worn out and screaming,

 May you enjoy this day in a special way!
Join the rest of us, because we've been there and back again.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mennonite Girls Need to Clean!

There are times when a Mennonite Girl must do more than cook. 
We are anticipating some wonderful events this spring. 
 European family for the month of June. 
Another 100th Celebration!
And a backyard wedding in August.

I've got a Check list on the go!
Check  all air vents and clean them

Check all furnace ducts.

Check all cabinets.
I'm not sure what happened today...but please READ On...
as there is a glitch and my story has more.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's FAVE FIVE

It's Friday's Favorite Five again!
As most of you know...I love my garden,
and I love my grandsons...
So for this week one of my highlights was gardening.

I invited this little fellow to help...
but before I knew it he was climbing over the wood stack.
Isn't that what little boys do?
Before long he was stuck.
From a distance, I could hear the words,
"Oma, help me...I'm stuck."

We studied and discussed the eyes of the potatoes.
"Why do potatoes have so many eyes?"
It did not take long before he caught on,
that the eyes need to be pointing upwards towards the sun.

You'd think all boys would know about worms...
We had a quick lesson and he reluctantly picked up the worm.
His facial expression tells you what he was thinking.
This week I was blessed with friends dropping by unexpectedly.
Conversations in the rain and conversations around my island.
I think my quota was used up this week.
It was truly a week of recognizing the blessings of friendship.
Would you believe there was another birthday celebration?
I guess once you've turned 60, there's reason to celebrate.
Having lived in one community for 60 years,
makes one realize how friendships have grown and become more valued and cherished.
This week we celebrated with  our friends from our fellowship group at church.
We also enjoyed a game of lawn croquet.
Our little grandsons thought this was an old mans' version of golfing.
We celebrated our son's birthday and had a wonderful time.

What were the highlights of your week?
Join Susanne at Living to Tell a Story and you can join in with the rest of us.
Thanks Susanne for providing us this opportunity.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

Rain Rain Go Away!
I just wants to play!
I love gardening...
I found a whole bunch of wooden flowering pots at flea market prices.
Then I decided to try out a new local garden market.
Almost at flea market prices.

But somehow it just won't stop raining, and I'm getting anxious.
Ah..I looked up...clouds opening...and it stopped raining for a few hours.
I decided to check out  the dirt pile and fill up my containers.
Then I carefully placed all the plants into the wooden barrels,
using my favorite colors, RED!
Last year I tried some different arrangements..
but this year I went back to what works well for me.
 It was cold and windy, but nevertheless, a little dirt under my nails,
shows me that I've done something I love.

Finally I brought back the truck, ready for the big haul, and loaded them up.
It's still a bit cool, but who all knows what will happen when that first burst appears.
I'll  keep them in the garage, open the door for a few hours, and keep them watered.
At least they will be climatized and ready to produce some color.

Hopefully soon!