Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It was a few weeks back...I heard some rumblings about Blogger
making changes to it's interface.
I have to admit...those things paralyze me.
Meanwhile I'm hoping I can avoid any changes.
So when I attempted to open Blogger today...I froze, but not for long.


Meanwhile, I received  an email from my daughter, a few weeks back.
the subject line read..


And I opened up the photo and smiled.
She wanted me to come and help her organize her room or did she?

This weekend I had a wonderful time...shopping with her.
We went to the Bay and stripped a few beds and made a few beds.
We tried this...then that, took things out of the packages...
exposed them to the light...put things back.
Finally made our decision.

We came home and stripped the bed and lovingly put things back together again.
Her handy dandy father loves to come along and becomes Mr. Maintenance.
He secured the headboard and found a few other things that needed fixing.
The bed was made and her new look was created.
I had promised her new bedding for her birthday...and it finally happened.
So one more final trip back to town...
It was closing time, but she knew how to edge her way into the 
little corner store and trampled amongst flowers packed in the allies.
She knew exactly which floral plant she needed for her room
and was determined to reach up and get it.
A beautiful purple orchid.

We'll keep making changes as long as we live!
And we have no choice but to get used to it.
But I have to admit, making changes to her room was such a pleasure.


  1. That was a great birthday gift - and a gift to yourself as well, because you got to spend that fun time with your daughter. Those times are so precious!

  2. You girls did good! Love the new look and it's always good to have a handy man along! Change is inevitable for sure and I'm glad you didn't freeze for long!

  3. I can see how much fun that must have been! Very Nice makeover! And the best thing is that you could do this together.

  4. Room makeovers are fun--when they're done. But you made sure you enjoyed the process too.

    I too was a little 'confused' when I opened up blogger yesterday. It took awhile to figure out the new format.

  5. Mary, your daughter is so beautiful. It's awesome that she wanted your help. Great time for mother and daughter. The makeover looks great!
    And I understand about the surprise seeing the changes in our blog!! I didn't like it at first, but now I am able to navigate just fine. And I hope its better for everyone.
    Change can be good...

  6. You did a great job on the "make-over". So nice that she asked for your "help" and let you take pictures!! Your title is so appropriate for the blog changes as well - I'm with you when it comes to that kind of change .... love how you wove the stories together!

  7. I enjoy the whole make over process. The new bedroom looks fresh and inviting.

  8. Now I know who to call on when my room needs help! I think you had way too much fun...and the end result looks awesome.

  9. Super fun! I loved hearing about your time together...:)

  10. The room looks just right for a "can do" type girl. Elegant, simple, fresh and totally pulled together Great teamwork ladies.

  11. Decorating with a daughter - how good is that!

  12. oh... yes.. that is FUN , Marg... when you have some creative control !! Not like that Blogger who deserves to be called names!

    You accomplished a great 'clean up' job !!

  13. Your daughter's room looks so comfortable and cozy now, Marg. I love the comforter you bought her.

    I'm finding the new Blogger changes manageable as long as I take my time and look around--everything is still there on the edit page -- just in different places :)

    1. Hi, I'm learning as I go too...just give yourself a bit of time and you realize it's all there.

  14. Hi Marg - thanks for your comment on my post. I do work away from home but am seriously thinking of retiring one of these years! I work in the accounting office at Conrad Grebel University College - the Mennonite college on the University of Waterloo campus. I have Mondays and Friday afternoons off so it's not too bad and I love my work and co-workers.
    I would love to send you some rhubarb (actually it would be so nice to "bring" some to you so I could meet you someday), it was growing so fast for the first few weeks but has slowed down considerably with our cold weather lately.
    Hope you like the salad - it's one of our favourites. Hugs.....

    1. You can tell that we are from the same era...regarding our work. I've always loved all my admin work, but one of these days...just picked up all the ingredients...it looks so yummy.


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