Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Fave Five

It's been another exciting week.
I love looking back at the happy moments of my week.
Thanks Susanne for hosting this wonderful site.

National Volunteer Week, April 15-21.
It's a week where we honored all our hard working volunteers.
It's been a privilege working with this group of people over the past five years.

Our volunteers have brought us skills, advice, experience, friendship and inspiration to our organization and also their amazing gift of  TIME!
And we thanked them with a small token..a rose.
Thanks to Little Mountain Greenhouses for their generous support.

Remember, last week we were wedding dress shopping?
Well, we all met up in New Westminster for coffee.
I enjoyed watching the sister's excitement, anticipation and hearing their laughter.

The Maid of Honor was ecstatic!
For a minute you'd think she was the bride....

Then came the serious question about 'the budget' for the dress....
They were hoping there Dad was paying....

We enjoyed sifting through the gowns...stretching to see what else we could find.

Then we found it......

Oh my, I had two excited gals.
And we bought it!

I'm so excited that the Canucks won their game against LA.
It was a pleasure to see the Sedin twins back at work..

Hope you had a great week.


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  2. We are all waiting to see the perfect dress. What a fun day for you all! Your volunteers were lucky to have such nice recognition!

  3. Oh what fun. Love seeing the sisters enjoying the excitement of the "Dress" ...fabulous.
    My niece was at that game in L.A. with her boyfriend who works events at the Staples Center. I hope she doesn't think she was bad luck for them LOL! Have a good weekend.

  4. What right! The perfect dress...the best of volunteers...and a Canucks win to top it all off. It was a good week.

  5. Enjoyed the pictures of the girls! Wedding dress shopping is the best! And so quickly you turned to the Canucks ... yes . . . that was good too.

  6. What a great week you had - so full of excitement and happiness and satisfaction.
    Somehow, THE dress presents itself and there's just no point in looking at anything else.

  7. Yippee! Somehow having the dress majesty it all so real!

  8. Now why did auto correct decide the word "makes" should be changed to "majesty"?

  9. Beautiful roses -- for beautiful people who volunteer. So nice.

    Loved the pictures of the dress outing...something I, with four boys, have not experienced! Such an exciting time for them.

    Speaking of hockey, our Florida Panthers are doing pretty well, too!

  10. Congrats on finding THE dress! I'm sure it will be perfect.

    It was so nice to see the recognition given your volunteers. The gift of time is so precious!

  11. Glad you found THE dress so quickly! And kudos and roses to you volunteers.

  12. Fav Five Indeed! Good job on find THE dress. Have you found your dress yet? I'm still looking.......

  13. love your first picture. What a wonderful event...volunteers and the finding of the dress!

  14. MARG ! You forgot to show the girls pulling out the chosen dress!!
    OK.. I guess it needs to be kept secret until the 'day' ! :-(

    What a special time for two sisters! I love the emotion you caught in the photos !

  15. What a great week Marg! So lovely that you recognized and honoured your volunteers. Glad your girls found the dress! Looking forward to the pictures.

  16. This is such an excting time--dress shopping, dress choosing.

    The week turned out to be wonderful.

  17. Ooh, so exciting. Creating memories to treasure for a lifetime. I know it must be beautiful

  18. What a great post filled with so many exciting things.
    Loves seeing your girls....sisters enjoying those special moments together. Thanks for letting us share that fun!
    What a wonderful way to thank your volunteers. I'm sure they feel really values and appreciated.


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