Friday, April 27, 2012

Farmer's Wives!

Imagine spending time with 50 farmer's wives for 36 hours!
Whew! We made it!
It's always a highlight meeting other farmer's wives.
We have many things in common.
A hard work ethic.
A love for the land.
An appreciation for the harvest.
And a haunting FEAR of chasing those cows in the middle of the night.

One surprise highlight was meeting my friend Kay Fadden, and her friend.
My mother was best of friends with her as we were growing up in the Sumas Flats.
Our families spent many days working and  visiting together as neighbors.
We had a pleasant time reminiscing about our past memories.

I'm not really a pack rat....but look what I found today...
Kay asked me to help her coach the Grade seven girls baseball team at Upper Sumas.
It was way back in the year of 1973.
Kay and the team presented me with this table cloth, as a wedding gift.
which was made in the shape of a baseball diamond.
It was my first table cloth..
.and I found my first glove.
Can you see the engraved name, Schmidt? 

Gathering around a large family table brought back many memories for us.
(photo borrowed from Judy,s collection)
We considered saying thanks to God for our meal,
and before we knew it, we all lifted our voices to him in praise singing the Doxology!

 This was one of my first excursions down town to the Pike Market.
I have to admit...that I enjoyed the smell of flowers, more than the fish.
There's our tour guide, Ellen who showed us the city.
Shopping, browsing, and eating made our day complete.

There's never a dull moment when you hang out with good friends.
Up above are four farmer's wives who also may recognize some.
Thanks Mary, for putting up with us.
You are a great sport to have along.
We all enjoyed our visit to the original Starbuck's coffee bar built in 1971!

Have you heard of the Gum Wall?
This is a designated place where people make their mark in the Market.
It's obviously become a new form of art.
Where do you leave your chewed up gum?

Off we went to Chateau Ste. Michelle's Winery in Woodinville,
Washington's oldest and most acclaimed winery.

I think some of us can identify with this specialty wine of 2009,
named Eroica...famous from it's European origins.
 Wine making is truly  an intermingling of philosophy, technique and mentality,
Old World and New.

The perfect table in a perfect setting.
Who would like to sit and join me for wine tasting?

Oh, I saw another perfect setting.
I'm keeping this one reserved for a special occasion.
Looking forward to seeing you all back next year.
Thank-you Ritchie and Smith!
( feed company who sponsored this event)
You ladies, Vivian and Diane did an excellent job of coordinating this event.
You understand the needs of a farmer's wife.


  1. I love Seattle. I love farmers' wives. I loved your post!

  2. are right....never a dull moment with friends! Did you chew and add? When we were there we did not, but we did see some adding to the wall. Interesting!

  3. Ste Michelle winery has summer concerts on their huge lawn and people bring wonderful picnic food to enjoy while waiting for the concerts to start and while listening. It really is a fun experience. You took some great shots out and about.

  4. What a treat to meet your mum's dear friend - you never know what's going to happen. I'm going to look for that winery on our way back from Seattle some time - it's always nice to know about something new....and a new bottle of wine is always special.

  5. Seattle...with a blast (even in the rain!). Thanks for sharing that 'room with a view'. What a fun time.

    I can't believe that you still have that tablecloth...and the glove. You are even more of a 'memory keeper' than I!

    The picture...around the Olive Garden you need to give credit? LOL

    Oh...and are you planning on getting rid of your word verification any time soon? Just wondering.

    1. Oh yes, give credit due...I stole Judy's photo around the table...and yes...I did change my word verification yesterday...what? It still is not working? TTYL!

  6. If I buy me a farm, can I come too next year?
    Your photos are beautiful.. the winery, the picnic tables in the 'peaceful' setting, and the gorgeous pink blossoms!

  7. Looks like a great time for the farming wives!
    Did they have this get-a-way when you had little kids to care for?

  8. What a great thing to share excursions with women who share a vocation.
    Seattle is awesome - so much to see and do - I'll have to make a point of heading to Woodinville for a summer concert. Sounds like an excuse for another excursion.

  9. Ah, I wondered what the occasion of your visit to Seattle was. What fun to tour with old friends and women who have so much in common.

  10. Looks like a fabulous time and you've got wonderful photos to prove it! God bless!


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