Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Engagement Celebrations!

What's happening in our household?
I can see some of you thinking,

"What's Marg up to again?"

Well, how does one celebrate Easter and an Engagement?
I wanted something other than rabbits and eggs.
I carefully peaked into my wedding box and found a few things.
Yes, I had a very long veil and I draped over the window coverings.
It has memories for me, as I watched my mother
 hand stitched the lace onto the veil fabric.

I remember as a small girl, the couple would sit on white chairs.
So I took the table cloth that my grandmother crochet,
and it became the backdrop for the chairs.
I went back to the box....

And found the candelabra with pink silk flowers that we used...
and it became our center piece.

I found more silk pink flowers in the box and draped them around the plates.

I set the table with my Victoriana Rose Paragon China,
which was gifted to me at our wedding.
Obvious trends from the 70's...PINK!
But guess what else I found in the box...?
a small ring pillow that my Mom had made.

Meanwhile, the bride to be was out happily riding her bike being accompanied by her dog,

Her Opa and Oma arrived to congratulate the couple.
Oma Helen, said, "I can't wait to hear about the details."
If you've missed the details, you can check back here.

And we all enjoyed a cherished meal around the table.
Scriptures were read from 1 Corinthians 13...The Love Chapter.
Wedding bells will be ringing later in summer.
And I wonder what else will be unveiled from the box.


  1. I love using the sentimental dishes and linens and remembering those who created them. What a fun way to celebrate the old with the new. Weddings are so exciting and I look forward to seeing the details unfold.

  2. Looking forward to regular wedding planning updates

  3. *sigh*
    You will have SO much fun!
    ....we'll have to check in regularly with one another to compare notes.

  4. What a great box of wedding goodies you have! I love your table Marg. Those dishes are really beautiful and they are similar to mine. I loved the old traditions you pulled out for the "new" couple. Blessings on all their plans!

  5. Beautiful...the table setting and all the special touches! I'm excited with you...and happy for your daughter.

  6. OH so fun to have a wedding to watch in the making. Your couple is so cute together. Is it okay to say that? You are smart to have saved all those wedding treasures. I can imagine your joy.

  7. Beautiful, Marg. All those treasures made for a lovely table and a memorable celebration.

  8. This is beautiful, Marg! So much fun for you to dig out your memories and combine them with new ones! Wishing the special couple a happy engagement and planning for becoming Mr and Mrs.

  9. HOW did I MISS the announcement on March 29th??? Best wishes to the bride to be!

    How lovely to pull out all the memories from your wedding to share.

  10. Congratulations! Luuuuuv the veil idea!

  11. Oh Marg - you are so clever to use this memorabilia for the engagement/easter party!!! Your daughter looks so happy and it's wonderful that's she's close by to have fun celebrations like this.....there will be many more fun times before the big day! Enjoy.....

  12. Such fun! I love how you used the things from years gone by...with a touch of your mom's love.

  13. Marg, what a wonderful way you decorated to celebrate Easter and the engagement, with the old treasures! Dairymary

  14. Congratulations to Suzanne from her second cousins!


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