Friday, April 6, 2012

The Cross

A symbol of my faith
That strengthens me each day
As I by God's grace
Walk the narrow way.

You see God's own son
He gave His life for me
And  took my debt of sin
To a place called Calvary.

I owe Him My life
and all I'll ever be
All He asks is that 
I'll let Him live through me.

So I run the race
Empowered by His Grace
And give Him all the glory
As I look into His face.
Jesus is Lord!

My prayer is that we can relinquish everything to God.

Some of you were wondering what I was making with bricks, plates, and cheese cloth...
Here it is...It's called Seereny Paska Spread.
This spread brings back memories of the same recipe made by my Grandmother.


  1. Your seerney paska looks wonderful Marg! The poem is good to read today! Blessings.

  2. I was really off base on my guess. Your paska looks delicious. Easter is a great time to appreciate the life of a wonderful person. I hope you have a meaningful weekend.

  3. Your seerney Paska does look wonderful Marg. Beautiful poem.

  4. What a beautiful poem Marg!
    I've never heard of Seerney Paska before but it looks lovely - foods that symbolize our heritage and faith are strong reminders!

  5. You blessed me with this poem you shared! Giving everything to God. Easter Blessings!

  6. Happy Resurrection Day, Marg!


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