Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Voyage Across the Pacific!

On Tuesday, February 14th we boarded the Cunard Cruise Line, Queen Victoria.
And began our 4 day adventure across the Pacific.
We left sunny skies in search for more.

My first destination was to find the pool deck....
I swam how many times???

Little did I know that it was going to be cloudy.

Wet and Rainy.

And more rain...so I started playing with my F stops on my camera.

Meanwhile I was escorted to table 123, where it was set just for two.

I started looking forward to our formal evenings.
It's not too often I sit beside a farmer all spiffed to the nines. 

And I enjoyed the delights of being served and dined.
Remember there's always shopping available on board just in case.

Day time activities were plenty, piano / violin / harpsichord concerts.
Many soothing afternoons of classical melodies.

The Queen's Library.

The Queen's Ballroom.
In the day time dancing lessons were taught and at two thirty,
English tea was being served promptly.

"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour
dedicated to the ceremony known as the afternoon tea."

The dance floor came alive in the evening with a full band.

Eventually I chose my  favorite dance teams.
And they even offered, "Dance with the Stars"
All ages loved to dance, young and old!

Ah..yes, I even attended culinary school.

No, I must admit, I only watched.
I did not indulge!

And we had more to do...IPads, photos, albums, music...
We both enjoyed taking time to reflect about the up-coming 100th birthday party.
There could not of been a nicer place than the comforts of our state room.
Assembling photos, rearranging them..cropping them,

And we finally arrived 4 days later at HILO....
And it was raining.....
It was pouring ....we waited in the bus,
then made a quick dash into the mall.

 So what has happened to my warm winter get away?


  1. It looks like you and your husband had a wonderful get away. There is not much you can't do on a cruise ship. Looks heavenly!

  2. Sometimes it's not about the weather at all. The cruise part of your holiday looks like a dream!

  3. I think in Hawaii you just have to wait a while and you get sunshine again! What wonderful photos from the trip across the Pacific!!

  4. Despite the rain, it looks like you had a lovely relaxing cruise. I'd have enjoyed those dance lessons!

  5. If it had to rain, they helped you make the most of your time inside. Beautiful shots, Marg! I like the one you got of the farmer standing by the railing. I hope you got some sun on the way back?

  6. It looks like you had a fine floating party...whatever the weather! It will be a birthday to remember.

  7. I think that is so amazing - taking a "voyage" like that! I know what you mean about dining in style with your farmer husband. The ship you were on looks very nice. I wonder if the ship's chef has been reading your MGCC blog because those swan cream puffs sure look a lot like Anneliese's???? Was your destination weather a bit better?

  8. Oh Marg! I heard about all the rain Hawaii got recently! It probably didn't' matter that much as you were with your sweetheart and on such a wonderful ship! I traveled on the Queen Mary 2 to New England, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Quebec for our 30th anniversary 8 years ago. I'd LOVE to sail on the Queen Victoria one day!

  9. You found the best...even in the rain. That's the Marg I know! Thanks for the tour of the ship......amazing!


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