Monday, March 26, 2012

Time Changes!

We have just spent Spring Vacation skiing with the family.
This little one has been taught how to make the necessary adjustments.
Skiing and laughing all the way down.

 His apres' ski time was spent playing with his Oma's IPAD!
His favorite game is called "Cut the Rope"
Tonight he came running to me chuckling at the same time....

"I might find some money in your house...and then
we can get the new version of Cut the Rope!"

 Of course he found his looney and we got the new version.
He knows how to win his Oma's heart.
How does a little one like this make the necessary changes in life?
A few hours later, he's all ready and dressed to go...'ring bearer'
From skiing, to 'cutting the rope' to being a ring bearer for the evening wedding.
I guess it's all in a day's work, even for those little ones.
He's sleeping soundly now.


  1. He is such a cutie this grandson of yours. I would love to see some video of those boys skiing. I bet they are already better than me.

  2. Oh what a handsome little Ring Bearer he is!

  3. Sounds like a fun time from beginning to end. I like that he can go from sliding the slope to...'cutting the rope' to 'tying the knot' without skipping a beat!

  4. How fun! He looks like such a cheerful guy. He fits right into your family.

  5. I concur with Judy - well said!

  6. What a busy, flexible little beaver and such a cute ring bearer. He could probably teach me a few things already. Maybe if I'd learned how to fall and laugh at that age, I'd have enjoyed skiing more too.

  7. Your day was interesting and FULL. It looked so fun to be in the mountains with your handsome grandson. We are so lucky to get to hang out with such fun little people!

  8. Such fun pics and amazing how this little guy could make so many changes in one day and with a smiling face!

  9. I can see that he has completely taken his Oma's heart!
    Can you believe it? My two grandsons will be wearing what look like two of the same suits as that little fellow. The shirts are a light turquoise blue. This Nana bought them on that shopping trip after Chilliwack.


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