Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Noodle Tutorial

My day started early as I watched a video, demonstrating noodle making.
Check out the  MGCC FB link and look up Deb Loewen's wall. It sounded like her husband had a day in the life of a Mennonite Kitchen!
 "Taking a page out the successful "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" cookbook, I guide you through the making of kielkje." Try to catch Rick's version.

You need to take a minute to view this hilarious video...I laughed and laughed and laughed and finally became motivated to give my hand at making noodles for the first time ever, only from scratch, no hooks, PTO shafts or neck ties in this house.  I think we need to call Worksafe BC.
In our home, my mother made them and gave them to us...why would I bother?  But she's moved along many years ago.

So I pulled up Lovella's recipe...but now I realize it's the recipe from the blog, call Kielke/Noodles.

My grandson came over  and I thought I would be creative and make a new version of play dough, at the same time making something productive from the dough and of course he was all over it.
I had my rolling pin and we found him a wooden piece of  dowel which worked perfectly.
While I created my long lopsided neck ties, he worked on making his own project, loving the feeling of playing with flour and dumping it all over the floor and creating his own craft.
Then it was time to cut...and cut he did, while flour flew from all ends of the kitchen.
I had my version of noodle making and he had his own.  He kept me smiling!

Meanwhile I floured the layers of dough and began cutting, realizing if they were not floured enough, they would stick together as glue.  Isn't that how they used to make glue, flour and water?
I cooked them just as Lovella said, and dished them all out...and they schmeckt gut!
Five minutes later,  no more noodles.
I quickly started  checking out the Bosch attachments on my IPAD!
Three hours of work and they were gobbled up in 10 minutes.  There must be an easier way.
Thanks Lovella for your tutorial, I just took it one step further. I think somewhere you mentioned that when making noodles, make sure you have a crowd.  It was entertaining indeed.


  1. If I keep on making notes from blogs on things to do when the boys are here in May there will be no time at all for a wedding! I could just picture my two grandsons enjoying noodle-making.....but I will look into the attachment for my kitchen aid!

  2. Marg I watched the video. I am supposed to be working but I'm laughing so hard I'm afraid my co-workers are going to think I've lost it! That is HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for sharing that.
    Great job on your noodles with your adorable grand!

  3. Melinda R.March 13, 2012

    I was inspired last week to make homemade chicken noodle soup for the husband. After making them by hand, I also was looking for a noodle maker. I agree fabulous, but there is an easier way I'm sure. Just thrilled that I tried the recipe and it worked, thanks girls.

  4. It's the same in our house Marg, I spend the afternoon making noodles and my husband eats them all up in a few minutes. However the supermarket noodles just don't "cut" it in comparison!

  5. Love this flour flying post and the results! Yum. My mother brought me 2 bags of fresh made noodles when she came to the wedding. I'll have to cook them up tonight for our small remnant of wedding guests left...

  6. I was wondering how your noodle-making-session turned out. Now I know! I' smiling...that you are bringing in Bosch for your next session.

  7. That is so much fun! The joy on your face and their's as you spend time doing something new and fun.....these moments are worth more than we will ever know.
    Laughing out loud here Marg!

  8. I have a feling that the memory of doing this as a team will be sweeter than the actual memory of eating them. Fun post!

  9. I keep meaning to make kielke! My mom (your cousin Mic!) gave me the Mennonite Girls Can Cook book for a bridal shower gift last summer, but I haven't made it to that recipe yet. Soon, I hope, and now I'll remember to use enough flour. You know what recipe I did use, though? Your Linzer cookies recipe! For my wedding! I made hundreds and hundreds of cookies (about 1200!) for all my wedding guests, including 250 Linzer cookies filled with homemade strawberry-rhubarb, plum, and blueberry jam. They disappeared so quickly!

  10. I love this post Marg!!!


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