Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My First Sunrise!

Oh...the sun has finally reached out and touched me!
My most magnificent sunrise on the shores of Honolulu just above Diamond Head.
I've seen many sunsets, but not a single sunrise!

I believe we were the first off the cruiseline this morning.
I knew exactly where we were headed.
I was not going on any excursions except to swim in the ocean.

Happy HAPPY Happy!
We parked ourselves under an umbrella and soaked up the rays.
Could it be better than this?
Four days of storm and cloud were forgotten.

Surfboards, swimmers, sun tanned bodies, turquoise waters,
warm winds, blue skies, all the things I was waiting for.

And in the evening just like always....they lined up to see the sunset.
But they were all standing on the wrong side of the island.

Back to our HOME away from home, just as Queen Victoria was preparing for it's departure.
But this was worth it all!


  1. Your smile says it all! Isn't it amazing, how quickly we warm up and dry out with just a little bit of sun and sand?

  2. That is just beautiful Marg. I'm curious when you get off the cruise ship at those ports if they have a place where you are allowed to use beach chairs....or do you just visit a resort and borrow? Looks fantastic!

  3. Beautiful sunrise shot Marg! Glad you got your sunny beach days!

  4. Well to tell you the truth Lovella...I became part of the property quite quickly..If a chair was empty use it till someone needs it! Sort of like ellen's shoes.

  5. Whew. Glad you found your spot on the beach after that long trip to get there!

    Smiling here...that you borrowed beach chairs and made yourself at home.

  6. I can just feel your sense of excitement when that sun finally comes out. And those beach photos are beautiful! I'm with Lovella... how do you get those chairs? Is it because you look like a movie star?

  7. So nice! And, you DO look like a movie star.

  8. How nice to be sunning in the beauty of Hawaii. It looked like a great vacation. The sunrise was probably worth the whole trip!


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