Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Summit Experience

It was a few years daughter told me that if I wanted to stay connected to the family, I needed to learn to 'text'.  Well, I've realized now that when the younger generation begins to tell us what to do, it might just be well worth listening to...I learned to 'text' the old fashioned way. I've never been sorry.

 Our family left for a ski holiday.  We all met promptly at our home at 9:30 am.
 We were headed out and in 10 minutes there was a 'text....'
"Stop at Bridal Falls for potty break and goodies."
Is anything new?  I thought that I had covered all my bases many years ago.
We stopped and I brought out my fresh blueberry muffins, still warm to the touch.

We finally arrived at our destination.
Big White!
A  familiar destination filled with many memories over the years.

The following days were filled with crystal blue skies.
A skiers delight, fresh snow, powder and sunshine.

An annual tradition brought us up the T-Bar, to  the highest peak!
Are you not itching to glide down or race down this gorgeous stretch of snow?
No one can resist the T-Bar when it's sunny and clear.
Many times it's under a huge white fog...
thus the name Big White!
But not today!

I'm always looking for the perfect photos ops...
How could one actually live the dream of seeing the glistening crystals or smiles?

Another 'text' came flying through...
"Can we all meet at the top of the Bullet?"
And away we went...we all met...but there was some confusion.
Did we get the wrong 'text?'

 This time the iPhone photo explained it all!
There was a proposal on top of Big White...
and we were all there to witness this long awaited event.
(it was difficult to keep a secret for two months)
And I'm glad that I learned to 'text'
It was a lesson worth learning.

The family cheered in there were screams of sheer excitement,
as they all shared each others iPhones and compared notes.
This was a moment where we all felt like family again!
One fantastic moment!
One fantastic memory!

Congratulations Suzanne and Christopher! 
We wish you happiness in the years to come!


  1. What a fun message to receive on top of the world! Technology is a great wonder and it would be hard to go back to life before. Congratulations to your daughter!

  2. What a wonderful "text" to get. Congrats to you all! Your pictures are wonderful and you've made another amazing family memory. Weddings are in the air....

  3. Wow! Could it get any more perfect? March ski trips sure do deliver the gorgeous clear skies with sparkles galore, but the sparkle of an engagement ring and thrilled family...WOW!

  4. Oh are all going to have such fun! That was such an original way to propose - your future-son-in-law will be a wonderful addition to your family with his sense of fun and of the occasion!

  5. A 'top of the world' experience...for sure! Your photos are beautiful (almost makes me want to go up that T-Bar). Congrat's to S & C on their engagement!

    As for texting...I guess I should first start carrying my phone with me. I think you and Elmer are the only ones who have ever sent me a text. Oh...and Lovella.

  6. Congratulations! That is so exciting for your family! Dairymary

  7. So glad you learned to text for sure. Now finally I'm kind of learning. It still takes me about 5 minutes to get a one sentence message sent, though. OYE!
    Congratulations to your whole family. What a unforgettable ski trip this will be. So glad the cat's out of the bag!!

  8. What fun!! Congratulations to your daughter and future son in law! A beautiful place for a proposal :)

  9. Marg, you caught the joy and excitement just with the pictures already...the proposal just took it over the top!
    Congratulations to the newly engaged!!

  10. Great photos of the ski group..then to receive the good news of the proposal. Beautiful!

  11. Wow, that's exciting!!!! What a special proposal and so great that you could all be there on that beautiful day. Now you get to enjoy the fun of wedding planning : )

  12. I am seeing the comment I thought I left was kicked out. This is a wonderful post Marg. Congratulations to S and K and to the happy parents as wel!

  13. I read this post earlier .. and thought I'd commented but I don't see it.. maybe it got lost in transit!
    since I don't text, maybe?? smile...
    but I want my Congratulations to be on record !! To both the happy couple and the 'happy' Mom/mom-in-love....
    May God's blessings rest on your family !

  14. What an incredibly gorgeous site to share family time. Congratulations on the exciting news. More wonderful memories to treasure.♥

  15. What a fabulous place for a family vacation - the weather, the snow, the food and the smiles not to mention an engagement! Congratulations to Suzanne and Chris!


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