Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Islands of Paradise!

I woke up the next morning....more clear skies!
I was up early once again and would not miss the action.
Shouts of cheer as the whales put on one magnificent show for the guests.

At last we could enjoy breakfast on the patio...
Fresh fruit every morning.

Then we were gently tendered off the boat to the Island of Maui!
And the sun is shining.

 Waves splashing along the shores.
Surfers waiting and anticipating the next Big One!

Patios with a view...
I'm not sure that I'm cruising back...

It's my turn for that dip again...
The warm tranquil waters refresh you.
And don't you believe it..I thought I could swim with my sunglasses.
Now that I'm sixty, I would need to slow down and be more careful.
Not so...the first wave plummeted me and my glasses...
And I was told they would wash up on shore in two years.
So I know I'll be back...they were made of quality lenses...Ouch!

The natural breath taking views renews you.
Walks along the sea shore dipping in an out of the hotels.
There was color everywhere...if I could only linger longer.
So far we're only one day away from spring, and I have not seen any color.

The fresh floral air energizes you.
Hibiscus!  Plumeria! Orchids! Ginger! Bougainillea, Ohi'a Trees
So many varieties...So little time or space for all of them!

This guy is always so patient...standing and waiting
while I'm dashing in and out of the bushes looking for some fun shots.
You'd never want to leave him behind.

There in the distance I could always spot our vessel.
Did we really have to go back?

Straight to the pool deck as the boat slowly piloted it's way out of the harbor.

Who would not love a Sail Away Party?
Just the way it should be in Hawaii!
When the Sun Shines!

Another one of those amazing shots...sun and clouds..
and I was waiting...would there be a sunset on this voyage?

And there it was...
As we cruised out of the Island of Maui!
Refreshed, Renewed and Energized!


  1. You are making me rethink my travel plans. Hawaii sure is beautiful! I love all the colorful flowers, the beautiful beaches, and the sunsets! How fun!

  2. I love the floating hotel - what a way to travel!

  3. All your pictures are beautiful. I sooo want to go back. In fact, I think I mentioned to hubby just the other day that I want to move there!

  4. Renewed and refreshed is good. (Minus the sunglasses...not so good!) I'm thinking you were a little reluctant to leave those islands behind. I'm sure you will be back there before you know it!

  5. Beautiful shots of everything Marg. It looks so refreshing.

  6. Beautiful pictures Marg! I can feel the sunshine and smell the fragrance of the flowers. I'm so glad you had such a lovely time.

  7. OH those photos are fantastic Marg! I love the idea of cruising around those islands. How many did you stop at?

  8. From a floating hotel to a real one and back... what's not to like? Your Birthday was well celebrated!

  9. I am just soaking it in! Any ocean time is fabulous time.


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