Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday's Fave Five ~ Birthdays!

I'm ready again for Friday's Fave Five's!
So much has happened in my past months.
It's been birthday extravaganza!
All about milestones from 60-100!

 I've been celebrating my milestone and enjoying it.
I invited my siblings this past week and made their favorite cake.
My brothers in unison cheered,   "Is this Grandma's Napolean Torte?"
I used Lovella's Napolean Torte on page 158 of our MGCC cookbook.
 I fortunately found Grandma's original custard recipe.
It is truly a labor of love.  But why not?
My Grandmother always made this for special celebrations,
but now I know why my mom never made it....TIME!!!
Oh, if she was here she would be so proud.
It turned out perfect, just like Grandma's and was devoured quickly.

This week was spent with more days at home....
I love days where I can cook up the kids favorite recipes.
My mom always baked fresh whole wheat bread from page 141 in the MGCC Cookbook.
I sent home a loaf with each sibling as a reminder of our Mother.

Can one believe that it's March 14th and we're having snow?
Somehow, we always make the best of snow time.
Have you noticed I have not changed my header for some time?
I'll let you know when spring arrives.

This little fellow had a day alone with me.
He loves to build with blocks and all of a sudden he said,
"Oma this is that Olympic guy that stands outside on your yard."
He of course meant my Inukshuk.

Talking about the Olympics...
We were guests at a BC Chicken Marketing Board Event celebrating 50 years of service.
The guest speaker was John Furlong.
What a motivational evening.
 I bought his books with hopes of snapping a photo.
But, he dashed out as his chauffeur had waited  over one hour for him.
So I missed that moment, but his speech is etched in my heart.
Finally a bouquet of flowers from my sister.
Spring is entering inside of my home and heart.
Let's just wait a bit longer.

I wonder how the weather is cooperating for Susanne?
You can join any time if you like to share your weekly favorites.


  1. Never mind the looks like you are enjoying each day whatever comes your way! Good job...on re-creating grandma's Napolean Torte.

  2. Ah yes your Fave Five's are amazing and oh - the Torte - no wonder they cheered!
    Spring is springing and it'll come your way soon!

  3. That torte - what a labour of love...I looked at the recipe! You've had quite a week - and I can speak for part of it! Yesterday's serendipitous meeting just made my day!

  4. For a birthday girl you sure worked hard making the celebration special for everyone.

    John Furlong is going to be so sad when he hears that he missed seeing you. I'll bet he had a copy of the MGCC cookbook that he always hoped you would sign...

    Have you heard Salt Lake is going to try and get another Winter Olympics held here? Seems reasonable since we already have all the needed venues and "The Greatest Snow on Earth"...(our true but not humble city logo!)

    Maybe if we get it you'll come for a visit? We'll rent out our guest room, but for you we'll offer half price...(smile!)

  5. That Torte looks amazing Marg!
    Love the photo of the trampoline being used with snow! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Oh your bread and the torte both look so fabulous!

    I had to smile at the photo of the jumper on the snowy trampoline!

    Spring will come soon ... it always does.

  7. Marg, that cake looks perfect. I like how you sliced it with the circle in the centre. I'll have that piece please. Oh, wait, do I have to be 60?

  8. Everything is looking tasty over at your place. I love that you gave bread to everyone.....your mom would have loved that!

  9. That cake looks absolutely heavenly!! So do the whole wheat rolls. I make homemade bread often. Don't hardly ever buy it at the store anymore. How very nice of you to give some to all your siblings! Sounds like a terrific week.

  10. Well it's Saturday and it's snowing as I type. But the spring kind that melts right away. But who wants to talk snow when you post a picture of a fantastic cake like that? Oh my goodness..wish I could have a bite of that! And the bread? Oh my mouth waters. I can smell it now.

    Your grandson is so cute.

  11. The flowers are beautiful!! Nothing like spring flowers to cheer a soul up. That torte looks YUM!!!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing week in photos. I can see why your family enjoyed the torte and bread.

    I've never had Napolean Torte, but anything with custard is bound to be extra special.

    Belated birthday greetings, Marg. I celebrated my birthday last week too. It was a good week for being around loved ones. :)

  13. Your torte looked so delicious! So did your bread. I can't imagine the delicious smells welcoming your family and friends. I admit this crazy weather has us all confused, but at least the eating is good. Have a nice week.


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