Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Yes, I'm back HOME AGAIN...
but as you can see we came to a 100th birthday celebration.
How do you celebrate a 100th year birthday?
Celebrations with family and friends took place all weekend.

John's father, Hans and Helen have been living at the Primrose,
independent living residence, part of the Menno Place, for the past two years.
The Primrose laid out a beautiful table setting with linens.
Helen carefully placed name tags for all their long time friends.
But the two brothers had to make a quick inspection.
Meanwhile we had arranged to pick up some of their elderly friends
who prefer not to drive the longer distances.
This festive occasion was on his REAL birth date, Friday, March 2.

I will let you in on a secret...
"As long as I've been in the family, he has always celebrated his real birthday
with his friends and his siblings."
We as family members always took second place and this was to be no exception.

And he loved every minute of it!
So we brought the guests to the doors where they were greeted and we left them to celebrate.
So we were left to luncheon on our own.
Our invite was for on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

It was an honor to escort their friends to the event.
We have so much to learn from that generation.
The party will continue...... all week.


  1. How wonderful to be that age and still have so many friends left to celebrate with. He looks healthy and happy and I'm sure it was a great day for him.
    I'm glad you are back from your travels!

  2. Marg - that is totally amazing!!!! He looks great and what a wonderful way to celebrate a "real" birthday - cute story!

  3. What a find looking gentleman - and 100 years old! We should all be in such health at that age!
    It sounds like a round of celebrations, and I know that the one at my favourite Abbotsford restaurant will have great food!

  4. Boy he looks great at 100! So glad you got to all celebrate and with more than one event! Blessings...

  5. Marg, congratulations to your family as you all celebrate this milestone in good health! Hans looks so good, and Helen looks young! Dairymary

  6. My goodness, he looks so good - not anywhere near 100! I love the way you accept him just as he is. And what better way to mark 100 years of godly life than to celebrate well and often.

  7. Wow! That is worth celebrating. He looks fantastic and like a very happy man.....so loved and cared for by his family.

  8. Wow! One Hundred Years! Happy Birthday to Hans!
    The other amazing thought is that he still has friends of his own generation to celebrate with.

  9. Congratulations to Mr. Bartel on his 100th Birthday. Wow! He does not look that old. To think of all he has seen in these 100 years!
    So great that you could honor him with such a celebration!~

  10. A milestone worth celebrating...indeed! He looks fabulous at his ripe old age.

    I'm smiling...about the family always playing second fiddle to the friends when it came to birthday celebrations.

  11. He does look great! Amazing what some our 100 year old folks have endured and how great they still look through it all! So loving and caring of everyone to facilitate this special event of celebration. How rich your family is!! Glad you're home again safe and sound!

  12. Cannot believe that he is 100! A very Happy Birthday to him! And look at Helen...she looks exactly the same as she did when she married Hans! What is their secret to good looking longevity?!


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