Friday, March 23, 2012


We've journeyed back...rocked n rolled, and endured the cloudy weather once again.
But Oh my, was it good to see land again.
Our last port..Ensenada, Mexico.

We're both enjoyed standing on the highest deck overlooking Mexico.
We made the decision to stay on board.
What is it about seeing land?

My fascination of flags had me viewing the hoisting of the Mexican flag.
They always hoist their flags when entering a new port.

 From a distance we spotted the large Mexican flag.

 Ensenada boasts Mexico's largest flag. It is known that  Mexicans really like their flags, and that this one is about 100m across and dominates the landscape, visible from nearly all parts of the city.

We enjoyed ourselves. We sat at table 123 and we met the couple next door.
After the first evening, it was already reported that we were long lost sisters.
We found out that we had many similar interests and we continued to enjoy
our friendship over the duration of our 14 day cruise.
Do you see any similarities?

Our evenings were spent visiting back and forth or going to the theater.
We began to share pudding.
Do you know what pudding means?
To me, it means custard or a custard sauce.
For our English friends it meant dessert.
Flambe Peach dessert could only be made for a table of four.
Let me know if you want some pudding some time.

Tuesday, Feb. 28th, Queen Victoria arrived in the morning light at Los Angelos.
The sun greeted us once more. 
It's fun to leave, and we enjoyed ourselves in spite of the weather.
But it's always fun to come HOME AGAIN!

It isn't that life ashore is distasteful to me,
But life at sea is better.
Sir Francis Drake


  1. I'm glad you are back on land safe and sound. Your "twin" looks so much like you. I'm sure you were destined to meet each other. You have really painted a wonderful picture of "cruising" and I'll have to give it a try some day.

  2. That was lovely! I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday celebration. How funny to meet someone who looks like she should really be in your family!
    I love cruising too, and when I have a bout of insomnia I try to imagine being rocked to sleep by the motion of a ship.

  3. Glad you found some friendly 'shipmates' to keep you company...and share dessert for four!

    Are you really back 'home again'? Why is it that our paths rarely cross these days?

  4. Glad you found your long lost sister and at sea no less! Blessings!

  5. I thougth you were home again .. but you're gone again? =) When are you going to sit still?

  6. That is too funny ! You SURE you aren't long lost sisters?
    And you can invite me for pudding any day ! smile...
    Beautiful photos !

  7. Wow...what a fantastic similarity between you and your English friend. I would share pudding with you anytime!
    I love the flags too.

  8. Always fun to meet your doppelganger!


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