Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Your Day!

This little guy in the middle was born Feb.3, a long time ago.
Four sisters and one brother,
and one more sister was along the way!

The toddler stage...when life was filled with castles and fairy tales.
Filled with smiles for everyone.

Those primary days, had him strutting along the shores of Harrison Hot Springs,
with his younger sister.
We'd all strut with an outfit like that.

And soon...he was old enough to milk those cows.
I'm not sure who's helping who...because he's always loved cows.
His sisters paid him to milk their shifts for 25 cents and he loved it.
And he milked them for 25 years.

I see a disgusted face on this young teen.
The family wants him to perform, but he's got other things on his mind.
He is one attractive guy and somehow he was not interested in those women.
Yes, these days cannot be forgotten.
  John and his friends loved nothing more than to polish their cars.
He did not fall short of his two favorite interests.
Girls and Cars!
 Years later, he has become a Dad with a family....
And now they are all grown up with lives of their own.
And he loved those years of being a Daddy.
And they still come to him and ask for his advice.
Sometimes they take it and sometimes they leave it.
Now they are bringing grand kids and he's participating in the same activities all over again.
He's always loved his family and nothing makes him happier,
than to know the kids are coming home.

"If you are fortunate enough to have a job, do it with all your heart.  But remember that although it is a vital part of your life, it is only a part, and although you may rise to great heights, somebody else will one day take your place at the work bench or at the head of the boardroom table. Nobody will ever take your place as the father of the child you are now cradling in your arms.  You may well work for the best part of half a century but the time you have been given to pass on the things that matter to your child is so very limited.  There will be many demands on your time, and you will not always be able to give your children the time they ask. But so far as is possible, count the days.  Try not to miss one of them."

You've known how to work, how to celebrate life and how to live your days well.
May God give you many more days!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to your John from us! Great photos down 'memory lane'.

  2. Aw - such a nice post! Happy Birthday to your John. I LOVE the quote you've put at the end about being irreplacable as a father!

  3. Happy Birthday to your dear husband from us too. It was wonderful looking at all the photos and seeing how a little boy has grown to be a wonderful man who has a pretty amazing wife and family.

  4. Marg, you've made this into a very nice 'birthday card' for John. Happy birthday to him! And the picture of him with your children - that is the age that I best remember them. Dairymary

  5. Happy Birthday to your husband!! What a guy! All those sisters were, surely, good mentors......
    The photos are lovely, Marg, but it's the quote at the end that really gets me, as it must so surely apply to your husband.
    I'm copying and pasting and sending it to my son as affirmation of his choices.

  6. What a wonderful post for your guy Marg! The Lord blessed the two of you by bringing you together to live out your days! Happy Birthday John!!

  7. I love that photo in the milk parlor! Happy Birthday to your guy!

  8. Happy Birthday, John! A wonderful tribute to a great guy...and some priceless photos as well. The quote at the end is so true!

  9. Hello again Marg!
    Really lovely to meet you today at Winks and to connect..and now to read your blog..I have even got the ingredients out for Perishky..and now..trying to get the courage up to make some.. (must sound strange to a MGCC girl!).
    (I am an English lady with lots of "want-to"...but hoping the end result is closer to "sky" than "Perish!" )
    Great to have made all the "connections" and will email another time! Wanted to say "Hello" via your blog!

  10. Happy Birthday John - and thanks, Marg, for a glimpse into what's made him the man he is today.

  11. What sweet photos of you husband and his siblings as children. I hope you had a great birthday. I'm sure you planned something amazing. I survived the funeral week, although I did end up with the flu afterwards. Thanks for thinking of me!

  12. Oh what a lovely post. It was really fun to see the old pictures and remember the best things in life are family. May he continue to enjoy his family and give good advice!


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