Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February ~ Gardening?

The clear sunny mornings have my thoughts drifting toward my garden.
Let's see what's left?
But it's only the beginning of February and the snow is still covering the grounds.

My first stop was to step into my boots, until....
I felt a cool gushy feeling between my toes.
Was this water?  Was this a joke?
How could my single boot have been filled with water?
Meanwhile I drained the access water onto my herb garden.

Fresh onion greens and chives.
Fresh carrots?
I dug them out and sorted through the carrots.

Just last week my little man said,
"Oma,  I think it's time to pick raspberries again."
Not yet!

It was a perfect weekend to crank up the BBQ and make chicken rotisserie.

with fresh carrots,

a fresh asparagus stir fry,
and fresh garlic mashed potatoes.

"So, yes, I do experience a type of reverie as a gardener.  But it is not something I control or strive for.  When I find spirituality in my garden, it seems to go hand in hand with hard work and diligence.  
Like a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day, a feeling of peace will come over me and
grab me by surprise. 
I don't really know why or how it happens.  But then again, I wouldn't want it any other way."

So, are there any rules about gardening in February?


  1. The baby carrots looked tasty and I'm sure were the perfect touch with your roasted chicken. My winter gardening is just taking care of my geraniums at school. I do enjoy it when we can get back in the gardens.

  2. Now I must go check my carrots...and my boots! I think my boots my boots are high and dry.

    I'm looking forward to February or anytime. Once the sun comes out to warm the's time to get out there.

  3. This weather has just been bizarre even here in Ontario! Hope your boot is O.K. - they're so cute! BTW the scenery around your place is breathtaking!

  4. LOve that both you and Lovella are showing your chives today! Those carrots are fabulous as is that meal you had!!

  5. I walked past my carrots too and will dig some out. It is funny to think we can use our garden all year long. I love it.

    Beautiful photos.

  6. Here in the interior, our rule is to wait until the solid frozen ground April! Right now it's time to sit in front of the fire and peruse all the seed catalogs. I will only see my green onions and herbs in April at the earliest! Cannot believe you dug out carrots! Even after that evil cold spell you guys had?

  7. I spent Saturday cleaning the yard and garden - so much deadfall from the high winds. We made a fire and burned the winter debris and now things look good and ready for spring, as soon as it shows its face!

  8. Oh dear - your boot!!! Guess you'll know if it kills the parlsey lol! You are too funny!


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