Friday, February 10, 2012

FAVE FIVE's ~ Smiles & Chuckles.

Today it's Friday and it's all about things that make me smile.
I walked through my house this week, thinking..
What is it that has put a smile on my face?
If you are interested to see what this is all about....
Each week she nudges us to see what we consider our favorite highlights.

I rediscovered the Hymnal that we used in the Clearbrook MB Church, 
where I used to attend as a small child.
This is where I learned the hymns and sang them with my mom while doing dishes.
I have found this hymnal again..thanks to Central Community Church,
I know exactly the page numbers...I can hear her voice....

This makes me smile as I think of the craftsmanship of a seamstress.
Add a little ruffle to a tea towel and look what you've got.
I love this little tea towel...Thanks!

Today I'm smiling knowing that another butterfly has reached eternity.
I was given this awhile back...from someone who has moved on.
I will continue to think of your flight!
I have enjoyed this candle...I light it frequently and say a prayer
for someone special...for someone who's smiling again.
You are on your way to recovery!

I'm reminded of a particular birthday celebration of two old friends.
Yes, some of us are turning the big corner, not short of any pizazz.
It's been fun celebrating with all of You!
You all make me smile!

This week I  received a few elegant scarves...
Some of you must know my future plans.
It's time to remove the woolens, and bring out the cottons.
(at first I thought I was receiving something intimate)
But it made me smile once again!
Thank you for your friendship over the years!

This card makes me smile...
Who says you can't have fun at our age?
Thanks, you seem to enjoy some good humor at SIXTY!

Here's hoping that you can all find something to smile about this week.


  1. Oh so fun Marg. It looks like it has been quite a week. It is so amazing to look at the Fave Five's and see what one can accomplish in a week. It looks like some of your days have made you smile and others have made you cry.
    I am happy you can bring out those cotton intimates and go find some warmth.

  2. Lots to smile about. I'm smiling with you!

    Enjoy your journey...but do arrive safely 'home again'.

  3. You certainly know how to celebrate! Where are you off to next--gay Par-ee?

  4. I have to smile about who you are. You make others smile.

  5. You bring smiles wherever you go Marg. Thank you for sharing what makes you smile.

  6. We have old hymn books from our home church, too. I love going through them and singing the "old" songs!

    Great post - I enjoyed seeing what make you "smile."

  7. A wonderful list of things that made you smile this week! I love the sentiment on that card...especially now that I'm way over the other side of 50 LOL!

  8. I like the format of looking for the good things. We have those moments, but often focus on the negative things. Your moments were fun to co-enjoy. I'm finding 60 isn't that much different. Enjoy your week!

  9. Happy Birthday to you Marg! This whole post made me smile!

  10. Off you go....enjoy another honeymoon:)

  11. Someplace warm to celebrate a Jubilee year - sounds wonderful! I wish you a wonderful time away - come back tan and rested and full of stories!

  12. What a joy it was to read your FFF. There were certainly smiles and chuckles coming from my end of the computer. Thanks, I can use that.

    Marg, you know how to celebrate life.

    Your birthday post was fun to read too. I have to say I did a double take at seeing the three of you wrapped in a pink feather boa. At first I thought the middle woman was topless. lol.


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