Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Wonderland

 These icicles brought smiles to my face this morning.
Aha.....winter has arrived.

 My favorite view from my front door.
A heavy blanket of the eastern end of the valley.
I love the rustling sounds created by our Oak tree.

I  ran to church, but could not keep focused.
This was a perfect day to hit the slopes fields.
 They all came out!
I remember vividly how my father would hook up the tractor
and pull us on toboggans, tractor tubes and whip us around the wide-open fields.
Now we get to introduce our grand kids to these activities.

 Sibling rivalry, full force all day long.
And guess what?  I don't need to interfere anymore.. 
Drift and I have something in common...We ignore them.
There's a couple faces missing...I wonder who?
I miss you guys!

Has anything changed.
Now you know what they were arguing about.

THE GREAT DEBATE:  Android vs IPhone

Drift and I both had the same opinion!
Just have fun!

 My man always has a happy smile, when he's on his JD!
A JD does the job anywhere, scraping barns, scraping driveways, pulling toboggans.

The day was not completed, until I, Princess Peach jumped on with the boys.
I wonder who was wearing my snow pants?
But who cares...just jump on and have fun!

Hot chocolate and marshmallows, 
Popcorn Twists and Natchos!
What a perfect end to a perfect day!


  1. I love the energy and fun your family are just a hoot! I think I heard you screaming from over here:)

  2. Way too much fun being had over there, Marg! We took the tobaggans and went in search of a hill yesterday afternoon. A beautiful snow day it was.

  3. So much fun playing together in the snow! Makes me miss my dad and his tractor!

  4. You are all living life to the fullest - as it should be! So much fun! Your photos definitely show the energy of your family and the gorgeous beauty of your surroundings!

    Thanks for the offer of driving me to treatments. I had told the doc that my hubby doesn't drive any more and was wondering if a person could drive themselves to the appointments. He said that radiation therapy is tolerated very well by people nowadays (not like the days when I worked in a Cancer Clinic in Winterpeg!) and yes, I could drive myself; his mother did!! That really touched me and stayed with me as words of encouragement! I'm grateful for family and friends who will be there - should I need it. God provides!

  5. Oh now...that's perfect for the flatlands, getting towed with a tractor! Love it. Love all the shots and the sunset is amazing. So has anyone decided what's best android or I-Phone? I hear something new is coming out in June...

  6. How fun! What great memories for the grandkids.

    We finally got the snow too but we also got absolutely frigid cold. No sledding in this cold.

  7. What a fun day you had! I love the snow too and am enjoying that cocooning feeling of a snow day.
    You built memories with your kids and the memories just keep building as you introduce your Grands to the fun. Way to go!

  8. Beautiful!! You guys know how to have fun! Love that last picture and the ending to a perfect day.

  9. Wow, what a day! We didn't get that much snow, but it seems that as evening falls we are making up for it!

  10. This is perfect. Can you believe we don't have a toboggan? i think that will be remedied real soon. There was plenty of planning over here about what we should have.
    Oh but the fun!

  11. So much fun!!

    My dh is perfectly happy driving a tractor too. I think we'll add this activity to the "grandchildren to do" list.


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