Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where Do You Hide Your Stash?

Last night I had to make a last minute dash to the grocery store.
You know how that is?
You think you have it all and there's always something missing.
I quickly walked up and down the aisles.
To my surprise I saw one large shopping cart...
filled with chocolates....to be reduced at 50 percent.

I stopped...I looked, I almost opened the wrappings and licked.
I know that the other night we opened a Lindt bar...
and I could not find it today...
Somebody snitched it.
I'm not referring to the young ones....I also have adults hanging out.
Who snitched my chocolate?
With this in mind, I need to find a new spot.

Where are you hiding your chocolate stash?
Which is your favorite chocolate?


  1. I don't normally go for chocolate that much but if I would need to pick it would be Lindt dark chocolate with jalepeno.
    Oh and I don't really need a hiding place:)

  2. If I told ya, I'd have to kill ya. ;v)

  3. well...our favorite chocolate is technically Nanaimo Bars. That is the only thing we haven't shared with even our kids. We also love Purdy's Dark Chocolate Caramels. They tend to go missing real quick.
    We don't really hide our stash...and by this point we are trying to give it away.

  4. You have chocolate leftover from Christmas? I'll be right there.
    There is, sadly, no stash here. I did put on a vest this morning that I hadn't worn since fall, and found a wrinkled old Coffee Crisp in the pocket. Does that count?

  5. We kept some goodies stashed in a bag on a counter during Christmas because the little ones aren't supposed to eat any sweets. But the chocolate at home? Our secret. Cuz it's our favorite kind of 72% dark from Trader Joe's.

  6. I guess I don't even know where I hide 'my stash'...since I can't find the box of Lindt chocolates that I bought just before Christmas. One day I will have a surprise!

    I think you have enough to last through the year. Did you buy the whole cart?

  7. My favorite chocolates are the Costco almond clusters with caramel in them ... or turtles. (one or two at most at a time) Other than that, chocolates get regifted. =)
    I enjoy seeing what you like.

  8. My stash is gone too - thank goodness! My favourite are Rheo Thompson's Mint Smoothies (a local chocolatier in Stratford, Ontario)and like Anneliese said - the rest get regifted - well maybe not all!
    Thanks for joining me this week on my mini detox Marg. It helps to keep me accountable if you know what I mean!

  9. In the deep freezer. It calls my name late at night. :)

  10. Ha! Those 50% off bins are sure tempting. I really enjoy See's candies but not all of them. I hand pick my boxes. I also like to mix salty peanuts with a few nestle semi sweet chocolate chips together and eat them that way...

  11. Oh I forgot to say I eat my favorites to fast to have to hide them!

  12. Dark chocolate all the way! The best one I've tasted lately was a Lindt Passion Bar. It had bits of toffee and kosher salt and was to die for. I hid it in my desk drawer, and like a mouse, nibbled at it when no one was looking. It lasted me 2 weeks and now I have to figure out where to get another one.

  13. Why hide them? Share them and eat them before they get old.mu

  14. Anything with caramel. That is quite a stash you have....I'm smiling! I may have to stop by for a wee nibble....any without nuts?

  15. Sometimes I hide the candy so well I don't find it until it is pretty old. My family pretty well knows most of my hiding places.

  16. Just read, "There are no recipes for left-over chocolate." We buy some chocolate only for Christmas and make sure any left overs are left at the kid's homes. If it stayed here, I'd be the one eating them until they're gone - don't want that!!

  17. You just can't know how this made me laugh! My mother is addicted to chocolate, and she definitely has a stash.

    Good thing for her that I am not a chocoholic because I know where her stash is.


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