Monday, January 30, 2012

Sports Galore!

 A wonderful weekend in the sports arena.
How many of you saw Djokovic win the Australian Open?
Nadal had him cornered for awhile, 
but Djokovic came out strong after a tough battle.
I love watching him play.
He plays with class and spirit.

 Most interesting for me was to watch the women power,
come out in full force.
It began to rain and how would they dry the courts?
Just the same way you and I would.
Out came the women and men on their knees with towels.

 I was blown away, 
that in this day with all the technology, 
that their would be some kind of Zambonie machine to quickly dry the courts.
Know we know...get on your knees just like always.
How many people does it take?
I think we would all qualify for that position.

And of course we are all excited about our Canadian Women's Soccer Team.
The qualified for London, 2012!
We will be cheering you on!

Last but not least.
I met with all my Schmidt siblings spontaneously at the Abbotsford Event Center.
It didn't take long and we began texting each other and they all showed up...
except for one who was having a snow day in Kamloops.
What a great way to have a family gathering watching Basketball!
 I love those kind of sporting events.
Enough for this weekend.
I wonder what's next?


  1. Your recent posts show just how much fun is in your life! Great read! Blessings for the week ahead!

  2. I wonder..what IS next? Let the good times roll!

  3. I always know you will be cheering someone on.....I love that about you.

  4. I wonder what is next too. Very fun. You are a great cheerleader that is for sure.

  5. I had a preview of what came next - what fun!


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