Friday, January 27, 2012

It's My Birthday!

It doesn't matter what age!
This young lady sat down for supper, looked around and exclaimed, 

"It's my birthday!
Don't I get to determine the supper rules tonight?"
She obviously wanted to open her gifts first,
just like she did when she was a little girl.

After a wonderful evening sitting around the table,
she jumps up and says,
"I get to have a Starbuck's breakfast right?"
just like she did when she was a little girl.

Then suddenly she's off  looking...thinking...
"What's up I ask her?"

"It's pajama day tomorrow at school.
There's no better day than to wear PJ's on my birthday."

Oh...but she totally forgot that she had packed her PJ's,
 located in one of the hundred's of boxes in the shop.

"Mom, do you have PJ's?"
She always knew she could count on me,
the same way, just like she did when she was a little girl.

Oh, my heart took a spin for a minute.
Somehow I didn't expect that question anymore.
Of course somewhere...quickly I located them.
And away she goes,
modelling her mother's PJ's in a variety of styles,
just like she did when she was a little girl.

Why wait for tomorrow if you can wear your Mom's PJ's right now.
Hey Mom's, always keep a pair of PJ's around.
You just never know what when the kids may need them.

Happy Birthday Girl...
We know it's your birthday and we know you love to celebrate,
just like you did when you were a little girl.

"OK MOM, It's enough now...."
And we will continue to celebrate all weekend.
Yes, she once was a  little girl, 
and she's grown to be a delightful young women,
and yet she enjoys to share life with all of us,
just like she did when she was a little girl.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Sweet story.....sweet girl....crazy fun mom! Happy Birthday....enjoy the day!

  2. Beautiful post about the forever love between mom and daughter! Enjoy!

  3. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter. Looks like she's as much fun as her mom!

  4. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter, Marg! She looks so cute in her pajamas

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter! It is always fun to snuggle up in warm p.j.s. besides, who says you "can't go home"!

  6. Happy Birthday from Malaysia to you...May God bless you

  7. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday girl! I'm sure your students would have loved to know the story of your pjs :)

  8. What a sweet post Marg! Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter.....may she always be "your little girl"!


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