Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Does One Pack?

We've  waited a long time..
They held us in suspense.
Judy and I would plan...but not plan...and just played along.
These men were texting, phoning, reading...and planning for months.
They even held executive meetings.

Finally they gave us a few hints, a print out of the weather conditions.
"Take something formal, like a wedding."
That could mean many different things today.

Finally the morning arrived and we found our selves south bound to Vegas!
But something was missing.
We did not know how to pack for Vegas, or did we?
Judy and I looked at each other, knowing  quite well,
that we were farm girls...not the kind that go to Vegas.

We found these trendy jackets, $29.99 on special at the airport.
We looked at each other and laughed.
Yes, this would be our signature design for the weekend.

Our  men never lost us...they made a statement.
Even the Hop On Hop Off bus recognized us at the end of our tour.
There she goes.

Obviously those jackets dictated our wardrobe.
We enjoyed a birthday breakfast on a street side cafe just outside the  Bellagio fountains, 
a great side street for people watching and fashions galore.

But then things got serious.
We were handed some tickets to the Celine Dion Concert playing at Caesar's Palace.
We dashed away...knowing that we needed to purchase  check out the styles,
...and enjoyed the fashion trends,
from formals to rhinestone lace-ups.
And of course, any dress from Vegas needs to be accented by a Fascinater Hat.
I'm sure we have won the approval of our friend Jill, the Hat Specialist.

Don't we look stunning?
Our men didn't even recognize us anymore.
I think by now...we were feeling like we had made a fashion statement.

We were escorted to the Coliseum at Caesar's Palace,
made exclusively for Celine's performances.
Her show featured 31 musicians, consisting of a full orchestra and band.
The show’s concept is one-of-a-kind and includes Celine’s 
biggest hits performed with a stunning visual presentation.

There are times when I can figure things out...
but I never imagined attending a live concert by Celine Dion.

And as you all know, photos are prohibited...
but just one...please,    no flash... right?

And here are your glamorous Las Vegas girls.
Do we look much different?
We look very different than most of them!
We knew how to pack...It's call Black.
We left our jackets behind for this special performance and
 were actually waiting for our fur stoles to arrive.

At the end of the evening...we were more than confident in our packing skills,
as we kicked off our heels, and dug out our comfort shoes.

Yes, we know how to act, we know how to dress, and we know how to pack...
If any of you need any consultations...we will be opening shop soon.

It will be a memory etched in our minds forever.


  1. You two do glam and casual with equal ease!
    Was Canada's favorite song bird all that you had hoped?

    We have notice her French Canadian accent had faded quite a bit over the years. Maybe she needs a getaway weekend back to Q-town.

  2. Marg this looks like you had such fun! Dairymary

  3. Wow, you did have fun! And were very glam :)

  4. Marg...I'm laughing! That's how it is when the country girls hit the city. Jeans go anywhere...the aprons and gum boots stayed at home. And if the purse is big enough...one can always carry comfortable walking shoes. What fun we had!

  5. We stayed across from the fountains once and our window faced them. We could watch them at any point from our hotel room... it was amazing. The fountains are my favourite part of Vegas. I love all the lights of Las Vegas. It is one of my favourite holiday destinations because you can go to so many countries all in one vacation. I went there for my 40th... I think it is a great place to celebrate a milestone birthday.

  6. Oh what fun you had!!! You two were really stylin' and got some great photos of this memorable time. The shoe change picture is so funny! You sure do know how to pack! I "guess" being 6-0 is kinda fun - I'm getting used to the idea even though one of my teeth fell out while in Mexico - lol!

  7. You did good girls! Love your stand out of a crowd jackets and you do look hot in black! Well done!

  8. You guys can pull off anything! From farmers in muck boots to Vegas hotties! That's why your men married you. I'm glad you know how to behave and have a good time.
    Marg.. are you sure you did not buy some new shoes?

  9. Love your post Marg! What fun to spend a special few days together. As always you dressed for the occasion and looked fabulous!

  10. I loved it!
    Only a husband would give such vague directions as 'dress like for a wedding' - YIKES! A feathery hat, a two-piece ensemble! It's a good thing you two know how to pack and dress! I loved the shot of the two of you changing into comfy shoes - now that's a slice of real life!
    I'm so glad you had such a grand time and shared it with us!

  11. You gals dress up real good!!
    Yep I noticed the Tim's cards..can't go wrong with those, right?

  12. What a fun surprise! Just what a bleak January needs. I love the matchy jackets. how fun to spend time with good friends, too!

  13. That is so fun Marg! I love seeing you two connive and plan behind the scenes. I know how much your menfolk love you two...it is written all over the time it took to plan.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! What a birthday event to remember! Kudos to your men!

  15. Those two glamour girls dressed in black ... who were they again?? smile..
    What a fun account of obviously a fun time !
    Great planning on the part of the guys !!!!

  16. Thanks for giving us a look into your birthday away celebration. From casual to classy....you girls had it all figured out!
    I'm sure you're not done with the celebrating yet. If I know you two it may go the whole year through....and why not!

  17. Oh wow - what a wonderful time!! You left me smiling.

  18. Love everything about this post..the friendship, the adventure, the excitement...all good stuff! I have never been to Vegas. I think I would stick out like a sore thumb there. Glad to see how much fun you had there!


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