Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Ready for Sixty!

We've been planning our birthdays for along time.
How else should two old school friends celebrate their 60th?
Yes, one weekend we were in Las Vegas...
This week we made our own party and invited our friends from the MGCC.

I think by now, most of you ladies would agree that it's easier to ignore our birthdays,
after all we love to make them for everyone else, but not ourselves.
So last fall, two young creative minds started exploring all sorts of ideas.
We set a date and invited our friends to share our milestone birthdays.
The photo above was our invite card.

We both new in our hearts, that there was no place like close to home.
Harrison Hots Springs would serve as a perfect venue.

So after months of planning together, we spent our final evening at
the resort, adding the finishing touches to our party.

We sat in the hot tubs and pools until 11:00 pm and were quietly escorted to our rooms.
In other words we got Kicked Out!
We were totally engrossed in conversations and forgot about the TIME!

Jelly beans all the way from Vegas.
How many in a jar? 
Sparkling bottles of Apple Juice,
finished off with a handmade apron, carefully sewn  from the fabric of our signature aprons.
Ah, ha...each bottle was placed in front of a table setting, signifying their apron colors.
Each person had to identify their own pattern, as a place card.
Some needed a bit of coaxing.

The following morning was dark and dreary,
we were wondering....when will our guests be coming?
We were eagerly waiting and killing time as we explored blog world.

We then made our way down to the Copper Room and set the table favors in place.
A colorful experience for all and many amused guests.
And there they come...
Flowers and gifts for us...
Why not?
It's our Birthdays!
We all still love presents just like when we were little girls.

We spent a couple of hours just visiting and catching up.
It's always a delight to get together for other reasons than work.
In the afternoon we made the Big Splash!

Somehow this apron made it's debut as a swimsuit cover up...
We promised to spare any photos wasted on any pool time activities.

Home-made birthday cakes were served in the Harrison Lounge,
with a fresh cup of coffee as we all sang Happy Birthday!
We obviously enjoyed the day...
Good friends, gifts, cards, tributes, pool actives and lots of laughter.
If you make a wide sweep over blog land, you'll find many different versions.
But there is still one unsolved mystery...

Who baked the cake and where did it come from?
There's still life after 60!


  1. Happy Birthday, Marg! You do know how to celebrate in style with your interesting locations and clever ideas. I loved the little apron favors! Your lady friends seem so nice and so fun.

  2. What a celebration!
    I was lunching only a couple of hundred meters away (working lunch!) and pointed out that the roof of the resort was moving up and down - only I knew the reason for the exuberance!

  3. Is the party over, Marg? No way...I know that for you it is just beginning!

    Oh what fun we had...from the planning...to the pre-party preparations...to the late night swim...to a wonderful celebration with our friends.

    And then there is the matter of the cake. Hmmm. I gave Miss Margaret credit over on my blog. Am I publishing untruths? We will wait for the mystery to unfold!

  4. Oh what fun - you sure know how to celebrate!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us...you gals are wonderful and an inspiration to me on SO many levels!

  5. Happy Birthday to you both! I knew 'something' was afoot but didn't know what. The apron favors were the perfect addition.

  6. Okay....I'm laughing! Miss Margaret...is that a near confession? It sounds like the story is beginning to change on that cake.

    I loved the party..oh such fun!

    Here is something funny.
    My word verification is trotfuls almost like truthfuls

  7. It was such a treat to be invited to celebrate at the beautiful Harrison...with great girlfriends. You and Marg know how to throw a party!!!

  8. You wild things sure know how to put on a party! Way to go for getting kicked out of the pool too! That's awesome!

  9. The thoughtful details were so appreciated and made our day so special!
    I forgot to count the jellybeans to make sure they were correctly counted ! and now I can't count them anymore! smile..
    A mystery cake ?? Must we hire someone to uncover secrets ??

  10. Oh what fun to see into your preparation time the night before our get together. What a joy to celebrate the 2 of you fabulous younger than me gals!! Blessings on your 60th year. I'm still working on my post...

  11. It looks like you and Judy had the most special of birthdays in many ways, Marg! Enjoy many more celebrations and many more years of happy friendship!

  12. Marg.. thank you for planning such a great time. I had my apprhansive moments, wondering what might be up your sleeve, but it was all good. It's all a wonderful memory now, but may you celebrate for a long time yet.

  13. Looks like we prairie gals missed a most wonderful celebration..we were there in spirit though!
    Keep celebrating!!


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