Friday, January 13, 2012

FAVE Five ~

Another week, and the New Year is rapidly moving along..
and there's always some extra events that make me smile.

I have only one sister....we are about 12 years apart.
She's busy with her young family, and I'm busy with my adult children.
She called tonight and we can cover a large territory in a quick hurry.
And yet we smiled, shed some tears, and felt like we understood each other.
It's just a good feeling to know that we've both been heard.

Two sisters sharing a tub of ice-cream!
Our church's congregation is divided into Life Groups.
We gather together to connect...develop new friendships...
 help, support and encourage each other to grow in relationships with God.
This week we were challenged by a chapter in Ann VosKamps' book,
"One Thousand Gifts"
She challenges us and dares us to live fully right where we are.
We always end our evening by sharing the day to day battles and praise items.
This week it felt like we were an ER ward: as we listened to the concerns, hurts and pains.
It's wonderful when we can come together and share knowing that we have a common faith.
Better yet, is when praise items are sent via email during the week,
confirming God's goodness and answers to our prayers.
A nice long chat to an old time friend...just talking, pondering, giggling.
We are both feeling some excitement in the air....
A visit by Mario and friends.

What an exciting afternoon when this little fellow showed up.
He's full of action, jokes and smiles.
He'll keep you on your toes.

Today this little fellow (Mario) insisted on calling me "Princess Peach."
I was actually quite flattered, 
and looked her up on line....
now I know, only to well, that I too can be a Princess.

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  1. Princess Peach! How lovely that your little grandson thinks of you that way!

  2. I think you covered it all here today. Laughter and tears...sunshine and shadow...and a challenge to live life to the fullest....every day.

    Princess Oma...Princess Peach. Kids come up with the best of nicknames. And he has the sweetest smile!

  3. Your Mario is too cute. He certainly made me smile. And I would smile that big if I had a pierce of candy in my hand. :)

    Ann's book was a hard read for me, but it did help me to look at my life differently, to look for the blessings in all things. Your life group sounds very nurturing.

    Have another great week, Princess Peach

  4. Well Princess Peach, I really enjoyed this Fave Five. LOL. He is too adorable in his Mario outfit.

    It's really awesome that even though you and your sis are 12 years apart you can still really connect.

  5. I love the Mario costume! And being called Princess Peach is adorable.

    My sister and I are also 12 years apart. And 1000 miles apart. We really have to work to have a relationship!

  6. Princess Peach it is:) Love how those little ones can have so much fun pretending.
    A tub of ice cream, sisters and shared hearts....oh I love that!

  7. I can see the Princess Peach. You should go with it.
    I love your have covered it well.

  8. I have four sisters, and we don't keep in touch as often as I'd like, but it's always fun when we do touch base.

    The Life Groups sound neat. My pastor has said that a church is supposed to be a hospital rather than a museum.

    Your little Mario is very cute, and you're indeed honored to be Princess Peach!

  9. Love the Fave Five Idea! Sisters are so very special and especially if you have a kindred heart with them. Your little Mario is so sweet and gave you such a nice nickname. Your church group sounds terrific....what a wonderful resource and support group. Blessings ~

  10. Such wonderful Faves Marg! Love your little Mario and that he called you Princess Peach! Lots of good heart to heart happening in your week! Blessings...

  11. I had to google to find out who Princess Peach is!! Your Mario has the happiest smile!

  12. I'll have to google Princess Peach too. Sounds good! What would we do without family to share our burdens and joys with! And that little guy ... I can see how he shares joy!

  13. Dear Princess Peach,
    It seems like you had a wonderful afternoon with that flattering young man. What did you bribe him with? Yummy cookies? :)

  14. Princess Peach - so cute!!

    We're doing Ann's book too - ch 5 last week. Wonderfully deep and challenging discussions.

    Mmm mm sharing DQ ice-cream - sounds yummy!

  15. I am glad I found your blog again. I have always loved my visits.Hope you are haing a lovely weekend.


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