Friday, January 6, 2012

FAVE FIVE ~ First Week

It's been some time in which I joined Susanne out in Alberta for her Favorite Fives....
and yet I always sensed it was a quick 
way for me to recap and share my week with my readers.
Sometimes, between life, work and family it's hard to stay connected.
But I truly love the fun format that Susanne has created for us.
This has been a more than usual busy week,
as some events have been  unexpected things and yet, that's what brings meaning to life.

A moment in time!
She picked up her Opa's violin...and we tuned it, and we polished it.
And then we play the beautiful piece of Pachelbel's Canon in D.
I think it's been about 10 years since we played music together.
That was one timeless gift to remember.

A near mishap!
Avalanche Advisory warnings were high this past weekend on our coastal mountains.
A group of back country skiers entered the steep chute in the Steep Creek area.
A 30 year old male was caught and carried 475 meters down the chute 
sustaining a facial and pelvis fracture. He was partially buried and dug out by his touring group.
My daughter was one of the companions who helped dig him out.
We are more than thankful for the quick reactions of the rescue squad.
I'm not sure how I can strap her down into a safety zone!
Thank God for some miraculous recoveries.

This week I attended a funeral for a young friend,
who knew how to be classy not only on the outside, but also on the inside.
She loved to shop, Shop, and SHOP some more.
Even on her way home from chemo treatments she had to stop at Winners.
And that's exactly where I met her not so long ago...
shopping just for the perfect decor piece for her newly built home.
She was high energy...She loved people.
I was just a young bride when she invited us over for a beautifully decorated
table scape and she served us Cornish hens.  What a delicacy.
She was known for running around the farm in rhinestones.
She had a quest for deep character.  She was balanced.
And she prioritized and valued her walk with Christ.
The closing song, "The Holy City" was a stellar performance sung by another dear friend.
Once more, this was a reminder on how do we want to live our lives.
Yes, we will miss you Viola...
"Till the White Rose Blooms Again"
This week I took the time to review  many beautiful folders of photos.
This is my time of year I love to create digitalized photo albums.
I welcome the quietness of the winter months to reflect on family and friends.
These are the moments I crave.
Quiet classical music can be heard in the background as I pour over the photos.
"The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with the 
joy of living are goodness, beauty and truth."  A. Einstein

Tonight we enjoyed the view of the most spectacular Christmas Tree I have ever seen.
It was a 12 foot tree decorated with 1000 white lights, with white and silver bulbs.
 It reflected through out the windows of the house.
My camera was missing...
Candles were glowing in the evening as we sat around and visited.
I love this time of year, as so often I am too busy during December,
and therefore I enjoy lingering awhile, before I begin to remove my decorations.
We ended off the evening by playing an old fashioned dice game called "Nuscht."

I hope you have all enjoyed some special memories for this first week of 2012!


  1. What a great post. Your week was full of wonderful moments and I'm glad you focused on them and not on the mundane (like I did). We all need to be reminded to see the beauty in life. Thanks!

  2. What a beautiful picture of Mom and daughter making music together!
    I shudder when I hear about these skiing mishaps. This one could have turned out worse.
    Enjoy your quiet winter days!

  3. I loved this post and wish there would have been sound with your picture. What a wonderful way to start off the new year by enjoying the moments and reflections.

  4. What wonderful moments from your week. It is amazing how music brings people together.

    So glad your daughter was not injured in that ski accident.

    So sorry about your friend. What a beautiful tribute you wrote her!

  5. What a beautiful post Marg. I would have loved to hear the two of you play that piece of music...
    So glad you had some relaxing moments this week besides the nerve provoking event on the mountain. May God bless you with lots of quiet relaxing moments in midst of life's chaos...

  6. Marg, so good to see you back at FFF!

    How precious is that photo of you and your daughter playing music together!

    I was moved by your tribute to your friend. She sounds like someone I would have love to have known. I especially love the thought of her wearing rhinestones around the farm. I'm always an advocate of looking your best!

  7. I love that photo of you and your daughter. How wonderful to be able to play music together!
    Thank goodness for rescue teams, your daughter and her team did a great job!
    So sorry to hear about your friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Beautiful post, Marg! Love that first picture! Those kind of moments are far and ain-between these days, but bring back memories of daily routines (practicing) of long ago.
    I like your favorite fives. You always do a great joy of capturing them.

  9. What a special time of paying together! So neat you got a photo. Canon in D is one of my favorite pieces.

    Hope the young man in the avalanche is recovering well. What an ordeal. I'm so glad help was available so soon.

  10. A great post summing up the happenings of your week, Marg...some happy, some nostalgic, some sad, some that filled you with fear and then gratefulness, and some just fun. Life as it happens!

    It's been so long since I have played Nuscht...that I will need a refresher.

  11. I'm sorry Marg...I did not realize you had a friend pass away. My sympathies to you.
    The photo of you and your daughter making music together is beautiful. I would loved to have heard it.
    Also thanking God with you over the safety of the ski party.

  12. So important to reflect and you did it with such grace and thoughtfulness. Love the pic of you playing beautiful music with your daughter.Beautiful tribute to your friend...I am sorry for your loss. My house is still decorated and tonight my husband and I are going to watch 'It's a Wonderful Life.' We didn't get a chance to watch it during the hectic holiday season. Enjoy your weekend !

  13. Such a lovely re-cap. The picture of you and your daughter making music together made me feel a little teary-eyed as it reminded me of evenings with my sisters and brother, making music.

  14. That is one really special photo...and memory you made around your piano. I too wish you had a 'listen' button.
    So glad your daughter is safe and that she was able to help her friends.
    What a beautiful post in honour of your friend. It's hard to say our final earthly good byes.
    A litte winter retreat at home is a good refreshed!

  15. Marg my friend, you are such a beautiful, talented lady. You write with easy, you decorate so lovely and play the piano to music that looks crazy! Miss you my friend. Caren (hugs to you)

  16. Welcome back to FFF. As you know, I too find it very helpful to spend some time each week focusing on my blessings.
    What a blessing that the young man had friends who were right there to rescue him.
    Love the photo of you and your daughter playing together (my mom played the organ while I played piano--great memory).


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