Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Ready for Sixty!

We've been planning our birthdays for along time.
How else should two old school friends celebrate their 60th?
Yes, one weekend we were in Las Vegas...
This week we made our own party and invited our friends from the MGCC.

I think by now, most of you ladies would agree that it's easier to ignore our birthdays,
after all we love to make them for everyone else, but not ourselves.
So last fall, two young creative minds started exploring all sorts of ideas.
We set a date and invited our friends to share our milestone birthdays.
The photo above was our invite card.

We both new in our hearts, that there was no place like close to home.
Harrison Hots Springs would serve as a perfect venue.

So after months of planning together, we spent our final evening at
the resort, adding the finishing touches to our party.

We sat in the hot tubs and pools until 11:00 pm and were quietly escorted to our rooms.
In other words we got Kicked Out!
We were totally engrossed in conversations and forgot about the TIME!

Jelly beans all the way from Vegas.
How many in a jar? 
Sparkling bottles of Apple Juice,
finished off with a handmade apron, carefully sewn  from the fabric of our signature aprons.
Ah, ha...each bottle was placed in front of a table setting, signifying their apron colors.
Each person had to identify their own pattern, as a place card.
Some needed a bit of coaxing.

The following morning was dark and dreary,
we were wondering....when will our guests be coming?
We were eagerly waiting and killing time as we explored blog world.

We then made our way down to the Copper Room and set the table favors in place.
A colorful experience for all and many amused guests.
And there they come...
Flowers and gifts for us...
Why not?
It's our Birthdays!
We all still love presents just like when we were little girls.

We spent a couple of hours just visiting and catching up.
It's always a delight to get together for other reasons than work.
In the afternoon we made the Big Splash!

Somehow this apron made it's debut as a swimsuit cover up...
We promised to spare any photos wasted on any pool time activities.

Home-made birthday cakes were served in the Harrison Lounge,
with a fresh cup of coffee as we all sang Happy Birthday!
We obviously enjoyed the day...
Good friends, gifts, cards, tributes, pool actives and lots of laughter.
If you make a wide sweep over blog land, you'll find many different versions.
But there is still one unsolved mystery...

Who baked the cake and where did it come from?
There's still life after 60!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sports Galore!

 A wonderful weekend in the sports arena.
How many of you saw Djokovic win the Australian Open?
Nadal had him cornered for awhile, 
but Djokovic came out strong after a tough battle.
I love watching him play.
He plays with class and spirit.

 Most interesting for me was to watch the women power,
come out in full force.
It began to rain and how would they dry the courts?
Just the same way you and I would.
Out came the women and men on their knees with towels.

 I was blown away, 
that in this day with all the technology, 
that their would be some kind of Zambonie machine to quickly dry the courts.
Know we know...get on your knees just like always.
How many people does it take?
I think we would all qualify for that position.

And of course we are all excited about our Canadian Women's Soccer Team.
The qualified for London, 2012!
We will be cheering you on!

Last but not least.
I met with all my Schmidt siblings spontaneously at the Abbotsford Event Center.
It didn't take long and we began texting each other and they all showed up...
except for one who was having a snow day in Kamloops.
What a great way to have a family gathering watching Basketball!
 I love those kind of sporting events.
Enough for this weekend.
I wonder what's next?

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's My Birthday!

It doesn't matter what age!
This young lady sat down for supper, looked around and exclaimed, 

"It's my birthday!
Don't I get to determine the supper rules tonight?"
She obviously wanted to open her gifts first,
just like she did when she was a little girl.

After a wonderful evening sitting around the table,
she jumps up and says,
"I get to have a Starbuck's breakfast right?"
just like she did when she was a little girl.

Then suddenly she's off  looking...thinking...
"What's up I ask her?"

"It's pajama day tomorrow at school.
There's no better day than to wear PJ's on my birthday."

Oh...but she totally forgot that she had packed her PJ's,
 located in one of the hundred's of boxes in the shop.

"Mom, do you have PJ's?"
She always knew she could count on me,
the same way, just like she did when she was a little girl.

Oh, my heart took a spin for a minute.
Somehow I didn't expect that question anymore.
Of course somewhere...quickly I located them.
And away she goes,
modelling her mother's PJ's in a variety of styles,
just like she did when she was a little girl.

Why wait for tomorrow if you can wear your Mom's PJ's right now.
Hey Mom's, always keep a pair of PJ's around.
You just never know what when the kids may need them.

Happy Birthday Girl...
We know it's your birthday and we know you love to celebrate,
just like you did when you were a little girl.

"OK MOM, It's enough now...."
And we will continue to celebrate all weekend.
Yes, she once was a  little girl, 
and she's grown to be a delightful young women,
and yet she enjoys to share life with all of us,
just like she did when she was a little girl.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Does One Pack?

We've  waited a long time..
They held us in suspense.
Judy and I would plan...but not plan...and just played along.
These men were texting, phoning, reading...and planning for months.
They even held executive meetings.

Finally they gave us a few hints, a print out of the weather conditions.
"Take something formal, like a wedding."
That could mean many different things today.

Finally the morning arrived and we found our selves south bound to Vegas!
But something was missing.
We did not know how to pack for Vegas, or did we?
Judy and I looked at each other, knowing  quite well,
that we were farm girls...not the kind that go to Vegas.

We found these trendy jackets, $29.99 on special at the airport.
We looked at each other and laughed.
Yes, this would be our signature design for the weekend.

Our  men never lost us...they made a statement.
Even the Hop On Hop Off bus recognized us at the end of our tour.
There she goes.

Obviously those jackets dictated our wardrobe.
We enjoyed a birthday breakfast on a street side cafe just outside the  Bellagio fountains, 
a great side street for people watching and fashions galore.

But then things got serious.
We were handed some tickets to the Celine Dion Concert playing at Caesar's Palace.
We dashed away...knowing that we needed to purchase  check out the styles,
...and enjoyed the fashion trends,
from formals to rhinestone lace-ups.
And of course, any dress from Vegas needs to be accented by a Fascinater Hat.
I'm sure we have won the approval of our friend Jill, the Hat Specialist.

Don't we look stunning?
Our men didn't even recognize us anymore.
I think by now...we were feeling like we had made a fashion statement.

We were escorted to the Coliseum at Caesar's Palace,
made exclusively for Celine's performances.
Her show featured 31 musicians, consisting of a full orchestra and band.
The show’s concept is one-of-a-kind and includes Celine’s 
biggest hits performed with a stunning visual presentation.

There are times when I can figure things out...
but I never imagined attending a live concert by Celine Dion.

And as you all know, photos are prohibited...
but just one...please,    no flash... right?

And here are your glamorous Las Vegas girls.
Do we look much different?
We look very different than most of them!
We knew how to pack...It's call Black.
We left our jackets behind for this special performance and
 were actually waiting for our fur stoles to arrive.

At the end of the evening...we were more than confident in our packing skills,
as we kicked off our heels, and dug out our comfort shoes.

Yes, we know how to act, we know how to dress, and we know how to pack...
If any of you need any consultations...we will be opening shop soon.

It will be a memory etched in our minds forever.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Countdown Begins!

It was just a few years back...
Fall of 2007 that we met again!
Way back in high school we were best friends....
but in the past years the old friendship has tightened again.
And to be honest with you, it feels like nothing has changed.
She's the gal who lives a few miles down from me in My Front Porch! 

She's a hard one to beat...she plays detective and can figure out anything.
But not this time....

And guess what, we're both flying high today...
there's another surprise...
Those men of ours have been keeping top secrets.

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to the other.
I thought I was the only one."

But at the end of a day...we're still just being our old selves.

"Remember it takes a long time to grow an old friend."
Happy Birthday Judy!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Wonderland

 These icicles brought smiles to my face this morning.
Aha.....winter has arrived.

 My favorite view from my front door.
A heavy blanket of snow...in the eastern end of the valley.
I love the rustling sounds created by our Oak tree.

I  ran to church, but could not keep focused.
This was a perfect day to hit the slopes fields.
 They all came out!
I remember vividly how my father would hook up the tractor
and pull us on toboggans, tractor tubes and whip us around the wide-open fields.
Now we get to introduce our grand kids to these activities.

 Sibling rivalry, full force all day long.
And guess what?  I don't need to interfere anymore.. 
Drift and I have something in common...We ignore them.
There's a couple faces missing...I wonder who?
I miss you guys!

Has anything changed.
Now you know what they were arguing about.

THE GREAT DEBATE:  Android vs IPhone

Drift and I both had the same opinion!
Just have fun!

 My man always has a happy smile, when he's on his JD!
A JD does the job anywhere, scraping barns, scraping driveways, pulling toboggans.

The day was not completed, until I, Princess Peach jumped on with the boys.
I wonder who was wearing my snow pants?
But who cares...just jump on and have fun!

Hot chocolate and marshmallows, 
Popcorn Twists and Natchos!
What a perfect end to a perfect day!