Thursday, December 8, 2011

When Can We Decorate?

"Oma, when can we pull out the stable?" 
the voices echoed of those little ones.
And today we brought out the Stable, and
  the wooden collection of stable toys
that were used by my children.
And today...we read the same book,
the same story..
and set up the nativity scene.

I love savoring the memories with my little boys of Christmas past
and rediscovering the true meaning of the birth of Christ,
the Light of the World.


  1. Love your stable and wooden stable pieces! The Light of the World is Jesus...

  2. That is a beautiful stable. It is more special every year when memories are attached and revisited.

  3. Your stable is really lovely.
    Ours is central to our Christmas decorations - but this year we will miss having a little one to put the baby front and centre on Christmas Eve. Our 24 year old will be called back into that role!

  4. It's what matters most...that Jesus is glorified at Christmastime...and all the time! Beautiful nativity scene.

  5. The first glimpse of your stable brought me to a quiet moment! Memories.....keep making them!:)

  6. Wonderful to be able to share this with a second generation of kids. You are making such precious memories for your g-boys.

  7. were is the pick of the tree? That is what I want to see LOL

  8. I love nativity scenes. And yours is beautiful. You have reminded me about my own, which I need to put out tonight.

    What fun to make memories with children twice!

  9. I love how you read the story with the manger set up! Beautiful manger with the light in it. A story that draws the little ones and reminds me to become like a child in simple faith and joy.

  10. I know just what you mean. All of those treasured memories of love and faith. They are one of the things that make this holiday so special.

    Your nativity is gorgeous. Ours was made by and gifted to me by a neighbor when I was seven years old. I had polio that year, and he made it as a special surprise for me.

  11. Your stable is beautiful, Marg, and even more so because it holds so many family memories.


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