Monday, December 19, 2011

My Version!

Just a quick impromptu moment.
As I was browsing this morning...
I saw a photo...
Judy sent me the link.
We like exchanging ideas...

My place cards took on a version of their own!
After hours of tying ribbons and glue not sticking...
I grabbed the glue gun and things happened quickly.
Out came the Popsicle sticks, toques and scarves.
Each person had to identify a skier that represented their style.
Lots of laughs and smiles as they stopped, posed and identified there style.
How can two bloggers come up with two completely different versions?
But the outcome was the same!

Have a good day as the real countdown begins.


  1. OH that is so fun Marg. ..and the style so you. It is all about making those little boys smile!

  2. Oh what candy cane fun! Are you off to the slopes soon?

  3. Love your version Marg! These make me smile!

  4. You make me those little hats and scarves...where on earth did you find those little mini's .....I am thinking over here???!! I can imagine the fun you all had!

  5. Oh Marg.. those are so cute!

  6. Your book came today and I am so excited to sit and read it (and look at the delicious pictures!) Thanks so much!

  7. Oh how wonderfully fun your name place holders are! They look alive! :)

  8. Marg - these candy cane skiers are so adorable!!! Great job!

  9. Clever you! I love them!

  10. Such a creative way to have fun !
    So neat!

  11. these made me smile. Your skiers are real cute.


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