Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Missing Skis!

You could not of asked for a better day.
Sunshine and dry roads made for a quick trip up the mountain.

Snowcapped peaks of Whistler.
Who would of guessed it actually rained most of the time.
But meanwhile, we made the best of everything.

We packed and we unpacked all the stuff.
Honestly, we kept piling it on....
But the story goes on to say....

"Who's got my skis?"

I got to the room and organized all the stuff...the way it made sense to me.
I put all the skis in a blue plastic recycling bin....
Isn't that the natural thing to do with skis with melting snow?

So after a few days...we were about to try out the new skis.
Where were they?
We searched underneath every bed, closet, every nook and cranny.
Who could of removed them?
Suddenly it dawned on me.
I had put the skis in the recycling bin.
In the what????
Sure enough the chamber maids had removed them.
I quickly phoned housekeeping.
They reported that all recyling goes straight into a large bin.
They could not be retrieved.
I was beginning to smile...and asked myself?
Why didn't I clue in?
But why on earth would the chamber maids take down perfectly new equipment?
Anyways, it was truly my fault.
I took a walk downstairs and chatted to the manager, and confessed my cardinal sin.
He saw my apologetic face, yet noticed that I was smiling sheepishly.
To make a long story short,
the manager followed up on the report of the missing skis,
and they were returned to our room on Christmas morning.

I don't think they'll let me live this one down!

 We strolled through the village in the rain to the Gondola.

 A ride up the Gondola would take us to the Tube Park!

 But one little fellow became disturbed....
He did not quite measure up!
He had a few limitations.

 Soon he realized that tubing by himself was way more fun than with me.

But one thing for sure, I could still wrestle him down.
His laughter could be heard for miles.

 This fellow went for the big ones....
 But not without contemplation.....

And at the end of the day he was of course the first to say,
"I want to go back to the HOTEL!"
Their stocking were filled and and the anticipation was rising.

 And of course, Auntie Mikki kept them entertained.
A good evening cannot end without a good hand of Rook!
The competition rages in this group.
And guess who claimed the big King-size bed?
He thought this bed was way to big for his Oma & Opa!

I enjoyed a  quiet stroll through the village and heard voices singing carols.
New memories were built for all this year.
I could not resist one last glimpse of the Olympic Rings, reminding me of 2010!

"All is Well" 


  1. It looks like you had a great Christmas (despite the rain and lost skis! The Christmas lights in the little village looked so festive. We really missed not having any snow here- it didn't look right for Christmas- but we had a nice time, too.

  2. Even Whistler is short on snow from time to time!

    It looks like you had a great family time away...not dampened by a little rain or even missing skiis. I agree that a round of Rook is the perfect way to end the day.

  3. What a neat place to go for Christmas.
    I'll bet your ski story will be told for years!

  4. What a wonderful holiday you had - more good memories to store with the others. I'm so glad you got your new skis back... yes, some people don't think when doing their job. I hope if it had been me, I would have asked before hauling them away!

  5. What a great weekend! I love the idea of a 'destination' Christmas!

  6. So glad the recycling story ended with those skis being recycled right back to you! That little guy looks so comfy in the King size bed! So much to be thankful for...

  7. What a wonderful recap of your Christmas with those you much! I smiled at the ski story....I think many of us would have choose that catch the snow. Your family knows how to have fun.

  8. What a fun story, great documentation, Marg. Blessings for 2011.

  9. Seems I am stuck on 2011 but really it is supposed to say 2012.

  10. Marg, I admire your energy! Looks like you made some wonderful memories. And yes, it makes perfect sense to put the skis into a big bin.

  11. I love your 'recycled' skis story! Gotta love the manager with a Christmas spirit of 'giving'.
    Whistler is beautiful, isn't it ? Looks like you enjoyed it fully!


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