Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let It Snow, Let it Snow!

This year's Christmas has taken on a new twist for us.
We've had our Christmas Eve with the family on Saturday, Dec.17th.
But this week we have all been dreaming about snow.
I love the can bring it to me any time.
 Let it Snow, Let it Snow! This melody is ringing in my mind.
The weather predictions do not forecast snow.

I want to share my best Christmas memory ever.
Many bloggers have shared about early childhood Christmas memories,
but mine happened four years ago.
It snowed and snowed and snowed  on Dec. 24th, 2008.
It was beginning to accumulate and it was truly beginning to look like a real white Christmas.
 Church programs were cancelled.

We skipped church, as we had no choice, forgot about all schedules that evening,
 pulled on our toques and snow gear...and away we went.
There was nothing like having a Snow Day on Christmas Eve.

Tractor, toboggans, tire tubes, and CANOES!

Yes, that's a canoe...being pulled by a tractor!

This was a memory that they still all talk about and would love to relive.

We watched the children open their gifts last week and watched the mounting anticipation on their faces.
Mario and friends dominated the show and tell that night.

What?  Personalized Taekwondo Belt Brackets, from Auntie Suzie.

And then came their personalized capes that are truly needed for identification purposes.

Who knows what to expect with demonstrations from this ski instructor.

Auntie Mikki made sure the boys had the right equipment for skiing.
They are ready to go, skis, poles, goggles and capes.
They are heading out the door.
There will not be an identity crisis with these boys.

But this little guy barely got through his gifts and  fell asleep...was out for the night.
I wish I could fall asleep that quick!

Meanwhile, freshly baked gingersnaps, are packed away with many other goodies.

The vehicles are packed and we're heading off to the mountains.
Young and old!
Skis, toboggans, Christmas music, candles, stockings, plenty of grub, and a Christmas spirit.
And we will once more try to relive the spirit of Christmas.

May you all have a Merry Christmas,
and make some lasting memories!

Let is snow, let it snow!


  1. Wonderful memories past and present Marg. Have a super Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

  2. Oh what great memories! Enjoy the snow! Love that photo of the drooped sleeping boy!!

  3. Merry Christmas, Marg and family! Have missed you lately. Dairymary

  4. Aw, Marg.. you guys do know how to have fun! Wishing you more wonderful moments and special memories! I'll be thinking of you. Let it snow, is right.

  5. Your Christmas in the canoe looked so fun. We used to be pulled behind my dad's tractor on sleds. Never thought of using a canoe! Have a great holiday in the mountains!
    (I am loving reading your book. What fun recipes and the photos are gorgeous!) Thanks, again.

  6. What a hoot! It's good to let your hair down and laugh and enjoy whatever the day brings. Sounds...and looks like you are ready for a great time! Can't wait to hear all about the new memories you made during the holidays.
    Blessing to you all! Merry Christmas....with love!

  7. Keep dreaming! There is no snow in our forecast. But maybe if you go far enough and high will find it. Great memories of Christmas past!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Oh wow - what fun you'll have. I've been coaxed by my liebchen to take up skiing again and this almost convinces me! Have a great time!!!!
    BTW - we are dreaming for a white Christmas here in Ontario also!

  9. I hope you have a big fall of snow for your ski holiday! Merry Christmas, Marg! I hope to meet you again in 2012.

  10. Oh I do wish you and your beautiful family a merry Christmas. It sounds like another Christmas memory in the making.

  11. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family, Marg! Loved your Christmas Memory.. It looks like you will be having fun again when it snows!

  12. Merry Christmas ♥
    Rejoice! Rejoice!



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