Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

If you were to drop in today...
you'd be greeted by a fleet of lights stapled by those little hands of the grands,
into our wooden fence bordering our driveway.

 Sparkling wreathes would welcome you to our front door.

And as you turned the knob, these little trees would welcome you bringing warmth.

And my timeless Carolers are placed carefully on the mantle and 
you would hear them singing, those old Christmas carols,  from every room in the house.

Garland would be hanging  from window sills and mantles just giving that peaceful ambiance.

You would detect the Christmas tree which has finally made it's way into our family room,
awaiting the cheerful chatter of those little boys.
"How many more sleeps?"

The bulbs are placed, layered and sparkling in the tree...
but something is missing....
Who took my Monkey Ladder, another timeless children's ornament?
And I can't find my fondue pot?????

Smells of freshly baked cookies would greet you,
ready and packaged with hugs and prayers  for some special deliveries.

And you would spot an early gift...
Someone knew that my hand beater was shot.
He knew the perfect moment, as always.

And so today...he will have one or two or maybe three of his favorites.
I remember my Grandmother making these cookies many years ago.
Thanks Ellen for posting this Russian Tea Cookie.

The evening candles are lit...
and I think you'd find me wrapping a few gifts tonight,
praying quietly over each gift.
Praying that each one will find Peace, Joy, Hope, and Love.
Our family will be celebrating this weekend,
as others will be travelling abroad next week and celebrating with more families.
Am I feeling ready?
There is always a tinge of anxiousness.

Dear Father, amid all the intoxicating smells of this season,
remind me that love is the sweetest scent of all...
and it is both costly and precious.
Write your signature on my heart, 
so that others may breathe in the scent of Your love in my life.


  1. Your house looks warm and welcoming for the holidays! Isn't it a wonderful time to be with family and friends?

  2. are awesome!

  3. Marg your pictures are breathtaking and your home looks so welcoming. Amen to your prayer! Enjoy your gathering and I hope you find your fondue pot!

  4. I can imagine the excitement of the little fellows helping to put up the lights along the fence. The tree - so beautiful!
    I wish you all the joy of Christmas as you gather to celebrate this weekend.

  5. Beautiful Marg. Love all the lights that are outside and inside your house. So welcoming. Those cookies look so good. Enjoy your celebrations. Hope you find that fondue pot!!

  6. We comment on how nice your home looks whenever we drive by in the evenings. Thanks for a peek inside too. Your family will so enjoy the warmth of coming home.

  7. Beautiful Marg! I love the virtual tour!
    Thank you especially for sharing your prayer at the end.

  8. Marg, I loved seeing your decor, but most of all.. the feartfelt prayer. I too get anxious and prayed for peace this morning. I wish you evidences of His peace, love, joy and hope as you gather with your kids this weekend. May more laughter and wonderful memories be burned into those walls.

  9. I hope you have lot's of company so everyone can enjoy the warmth of your home. It looks very Christmasy! I felt like I was there! Lovely.

  10. I like your signature lights along the lane! It all looks most inviting over there.

    I can identify with the 'tinge of anxiousness'...but pray that I will focus on what matters most this season.

    Have a wonderful 'Christmas Eve' with your family this weekend.

  11. Your home looks so beautiful,Marg, and full of Christmas joy. Your early Christmas gift is a fabulous one and perfect for someone like you who loves to bake.
    Just a "few more sleeps" and Jesus' birthday will be here!

  12. Blessings Marg! I pray that your request before the Father is answered.
    Beautiful photos.


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