Saturday, December 3, 2011


The image of wonder and awe...
tiny children standing on tip toes,
or jumping up and down waiting for Christmas.
Somehow they can't figure out how long it takes to the big day,
but we all  know they just can't wait.
Somehow as we grow older, we loose a lot of that eager impatience.
For me, my waiting on tiptoes turns into trying to survive the season.
And so it is that once more I too want to wait for the right attitude.
The right attitude for Advent is a child's attitude;
eyes wide open,
watching for the wonder,
watching for the opportunities
waiting on tiptoe- just like a little kid waiting for Christmas.


  1. Seeing the anticipation is the eyes of little children is what makes the whole season for me.

    We didn't get your book mailed yet, but my husband is heading to the post office this morning. Sorry we are so slow!

  2. How beautifully put Marg!

  3. Yes.. watching with eyes wide open ... with expectation ... I'm learning that we should live like that. It's so easy to focus on the hangups,but knowing that God loves us and has good things planned for us, gives us hope.

  4. Nothing more delightful than watching the eyes of child who is excited about a special anticipation!! Love it!

  5. What a well-timed post, Marg. Perhaps it's because there are no little ones here this year, but I am finding it hard to shift from the busyness of the season to that joyous wonder that is the anticipation of a child for Christmas. Time to slow down, I think!

  6. Great photo! And such a good reminder of how we should be entering the advent season...with anticipation, awe and wonder.

  7. Beautiful Marg...waiting with the right attitude. Love that photo!

  8. Thank you for the reminder Marg.
    I'm very conscious of trying to keep my eyes on Jesus this season -to anticipate His coming even more than our family or the seasonal trappings.
    Your new header is so pretty.

  9. Beautiful words! I too am trying to listen and anticipate what God has in store for me.

  10. The children do bring out the wonder and add the special joy and anticipation of Christmas. Love that photo!!!!


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