Thursday, November 24, 2011

True Confessions of a MGCC Gal

 Many of you think that the MGCC Gals have their lives together in the kitchen.
Daily, you see us posting these beautiful looking recipes.
We try to create a presentation style that meets the eye.
You've seen us splattered all over the newspapers... loves us.
Global TV at noon,  this Saturday, Nov.26th invites us to sit on the red couch.
Book signings...
Baking and cooking demonstrations...

But meanwhile we use our kitchens as a science lab
and many times things flop.

Today I'm crossing the line...

This week I dug up an old favorite recipe of my son's.
After I quickly whipped up the first batch, I was fit to be tied.
I seemed to have lost the touch.
I was scraping dough off the sheets and attempting to dump them in the garbage when...
the thought,  was prompted by my 4 year old,

"Why don't we give these crumbs to the birds."

I dumped them hastily into my new "Thatsa"  bowls.

The man of the house was quick to reply from his office...

"You are not dumping those...someone will eat those crumbs."

By mid afternoon, another young one appeared at my doorstep.
"Oma, you are not throwing those in the garbage."
By now...the bowl of crumbs was nearly finished.

He said,
"These are the best cookies you've ever made."
And guess who took the rest home.

As I stated earlier, I'm stepping out of line today...
I can't keep this from our readers any longer.
I've heard of several other MGCC Gals who have admitted and shared their stories,
over the past few weeks and days.

I wonder how many of them will step up to the plate
and share their true confessions! 

Let's see what happens out there.
Yes, I agree we are confidential...but not in the kitchen!

Let's see who comes out of the woodwork.


  1. Okay Marg, this was my most recent flop..I baked brown bread the other day. It didn't want to rise well but I baked it anyway. It is about half the height it should be, it's pretty solid but still delicious. I am sad though as I used that home ground wheat flour from you. Your bread looked so beautiful and I had such high hopes..sigh.

  2. Well I can see that nothing goes to waste from your kitchen! That's great. Hmmm, I'll have to get back to you on my latest flops.

  3. Love this post......sounds like my day yesterday. My short bread cookies have seen better years. We'll eat 'em but I'll be baking one more batch. Then at supper....I almost dumped the whole pizza as it was coming in off the BBQ......what a day! It's good to look back and laugh. My grands would have run for the crumbs too.

  4. Thanks for being so real, great post!

  5. Well, I'm not a MGCC but I have a story too. Two days ago planned to bring pie by the yard out for coffee in the barn for my sons and 2 extras. After 2 tries, got the thing made (I have done this before), and it ripped on the bottom while transferring it to the cookie sheet. You see, I partly followed my mother's recipe for Danish apple roll, which makes it up, then moves it. Well, baked it anyway, and served it in soup bowls with a soup spooon. It was delicious and the men sure appreciated it hot out of the oven on a cold day! Dairymary

  6. Okay ..I'll post my fancy pinwheels tomorrow ...funny.

  7. Too funny! Love this post and the fact that you call things like this a "flop" - that's what my mother always called things that didn't turn out how she wanted them. So glad you aren't always perfect - makes me feel better :).

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  9. I still remember a cake that flopped for my mom and it became one of my favorite. She had baked a chocolat cake on a cookie sheet. I do not know what her plan was, but it ended up rising high on one side of the pan.. we called it mountain cake. She served it to us with whipped cream .. and ever since then I love the taste of chocolate with whipped cream.

    My flop, just yesterday, was during a cooking presentation, where I had my pre-measured items on the counter and I grabbed the cream of wheat, thinking it was sugar and dumped it into the wrong pot. Am I excused from cooking demos now?????

  10. Great post Marg!
    Today I thought I'd stretch the leftover beans and bratwurst casserole into a hearty soup. I stirred in a tin of tomato soup and some water and then added some corn and seasonings. That was all good until I cut up a few wieners from the freezer to add to the pot. NOT a great idea as they were older than I thought. We each ate a bowl and then my son's dog got the rest! No complaints from him.

  11. Why do we always think everyone's kitchen produces only perfection except for our own?
    I've had more flops than I care to document -- learning what works and what doesn't with gluten-free is not a one-time try!
    I love the adage - "When at first you don't succeed, try try again!"
    I think THAT is the secret to every good cook, isn't it ?

  12. Your kitchen not-so-good day is probably my very-good day! I loved the parade of cookie lovers who wouldn't let you throw the crumbs away - sometimes the crumbs around a pan of squares are the best of the bunch!

  13. Maybe you hit on a new 'method' of making those old favorites! It looks like you definitely made the most of your flop. When served up in red and green bowls...the flop becomes an instant hit, I'm sure. Love your story!

    I've had my share of flops over here as well...too many to re-count, I'm sure. But I'll commit to posting my next big one!

  14. I would LOVE to do a cookbook exchange with you. Could you email me your address? What a fun idea! By the way, I have so many experiences with recipes not working out. My latest adventure was making a pudding cake and forgetting to add the water. What a disaster!

  15. Marg, that was great! Now were to begin.....hmm, my last flop was a cake I made for company and after it was cooled, and I cut into it, it was completely raw in the middle. I re-baked it and served it anyway. Certainly had a different texture but it still had good taste, just denser...oh well, a scoop of ice cream covers up a lot :)

  16. Can't ever recall a flop ---- that we threw out! Creativity to the rescue and it was still tasty and amazingly it disappeared despite my misgivings!


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