Monday, November 21, 2011

One More MUMPHF!

 We've heard theses words over and over...
"And how old will you be?"

 And he fell in love with Bill, his friendly little hairy puppet!
And we told stories all night under his favorite blanket.

 Ah ha,  he wanted to become bigger than his brother.
So everyone had fun...growing their legs.

 And as we sat as adults, drinking our coffee and enjoying banana creamed pie,
it was such a delight to look over and see the two brothers playing quietly together.
That's not always the case!

 But Oma, "First I need to make a VIS!"
And he took all his Mario characters and decorated his own cake.
And of course big brother was delighted to light the candles.
I don't know how many times, we let him blow out the candles.

And in one more MUMPHF it's Christmas!
We all had a wonderful time as the little one celebrated his 4th birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday to your little one! Turning four is like learning to fly-it's so exciting to them. Aren't you glad you get to be a part of it all?!

  2. Happy Birthday to your 4 year old. You can tell he is quite delighted with his cake and candles.
    Love the pic of the brothers on the chair.

  3. oh i 'vis' him a happy birthday too :) what a cutie!

  4. What a cutie! I think that '4' is one of those magical years. Our oldest grandson is 4, and yesterday we skyped. How lovely that you and the boys can be together for these special occasions.
    oh - and I loved the contrast between the low-tech 'make 'em taller' toy and the high-tech gizmo that they enjoyed in another picture!

  5. 4 has always been my favourite age for children! They can communicate, play, and are unspoiled by the world. Silently, I always 'mourn' when my 4 year olds turn 5; strange, but true. Your 4 year old is precious. OF COURSE, all kids are! Dairymary

  6. A Happy Birthday to your 4 year old grandangel! May blessings abound in the year ahead! Wonderful photos - such a fun cake!

  7. Oh this made me smile. Mumphs and Vises. ..that is what little boys are made of.
    I have been on notice for quite some time too of the exact date. .and he was told it would happen right after snow. .and guess what we had on the weekend. .snow. .so that Burfday better come soon.

  8. I can just imagine the fun you had.. running off the plane and jumping right into a party. Children's birthdays are fun because you almost become a kid again yourself. Love the stilts or whatever you call them. Happy Birthday to the four year old!

  9. What...four already? It looks like his 'burfday' was a hoot! He will have good memories for 'mumphs' to come.

  10. Thanks for sharing these sweet moments and all the cuteness that came along with it. Happy Birthday to your sweet little grandson.

  11. Oh how great is that Marg! Oh no only one more mumphf till Christmas. Oye! A very happy birthday to your 4 year old. Love the cake!


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