Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Advent

A light dusting of snow,
amidst  the falling leaves still showing their radiance.
This is truly the beginning of the Advent Season.
I can picture the Advent's wreath.

A time to quiet our hearts and reflect about the reason for the season.
A time to help our little ones capture the real message.
This year will be different for all of us.
But different is good as we continue to create and build new dreams.

A King will be born.
This is the time to prepare our hearts for the coming of God's Son.
May we reflect the light of Jesus this season and give Hope to others
and recognize that we all are offered this special HOPE!
Each week we will light another candle signifying...



  1. It is a wonderful season. I love the snow dusting the still colored leaves. Nature often lets her seasons overlap. Beautiful!

  2. It's a time of preparation and even a little introspection as we move toward the celebration of the Holy Birth. You are right, on so many levels, that this year will be different for many of us but that it is that difference that keeps us growing, fresh, alert. Lovely message of hope, love, joy and peace.

  3. Thanks for your beautiful thoughts and pictures. A timely reminder to enjoy the season and to reflect on hope, love, joy and peace.

  4. Beautiful post...and a reminder of what advent is really all about.


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