Friday, November 18, 2011

Dragging Low!

It's the time of year for fresh hazelnuts.
I love to bake and cook with them substituting them wherever possible.
They are high in antioxidants and provide you with nutritional value.

You can probably smell these muffins coming fresh out of my oven.
If you are interested in freshly ground hazelnut flour and roasted hazelnuts,
contact Peter at or you can even call him...604-796-2550.
Check out the recipe at MGCC plus check out our families famous Hazelnut Roll!
Just in time for Christmas!

Meanwhile it's snowing tonight...and I love it as I have a day at home on Friday.
Meanwhile, I think you'll see me dragging quite low this weekend.
It's always a moment like this...
I was walking along with Mikki, and our conversation went like this,
"Could I please have my camera?"
"Why do you always need your camera?"
We laughed hilariously as we saw this old truck screeching around the corner.

"Well," I said....."Now you know why I need my camera!"
It's when you least expect it.
I hope you can drag and smile along with me.
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. That's me, dragging right behind you in a little red miata!

  2. Oh this is so funny Marg..a good chuckle to start my day!

  3. Thankfully I'm not dragging low right now! Love your hazelnut photos and those muffins look like the perfect thing to get you going in the morning... :0)

  4. I can almost see the sparks! Another example of why we should never leave home without our camera.

    I'm making your muffins today.

  5. Did you see sparks flyÉ .. okay.. whatès with that É .. Ièm not French .. my question mark suddenly wonèt work. How do I fix thisÉ

  6. Loved your recent posts! There's no place like home! You've got fantastic photos here! So how did you obtain that ID?


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