Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Five Minute Hazelnut Roll!

I'm not sure about these gals anymore,
but as you can see, I bailed out.
As I mentioned earlier...
we are being splashed frequently in the media, 
and some of us would rather stay home,
garden, bake, rake leaves or prepare for the Grey Cup game.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the video...
and if any of you can whip up the Hazelnut Roll in 5 minutes,
give me a shout....
I will send you a Mennonite Girls Can Cook Book at no cost.
But you need to share the video with me for proof.

Lovella and Anneliese, you did a great job,
and I know you won't let me live this one down!

Monday, November 28, 2011

LIONS Continue to Roar!

One great day listening to the history of the BC Lions...
their stories, their goals, their statistics,
just knowing that I was two years old when BC Lions started officially playing.
I grew up in a house hold of brothers, and we watched Saturday night football.

It was a week ago...when I tried to solicit for Grey Cup tickets on FB.
I was hoping I had some generous friends.
Who would of known that the BC Lions could of dug themselves out of there 5-0  loss,
in the early part of the season and finish in top place.
I found a few hard core fans and we set the place into action.
No line-ups!
No traffic jams!
No food line-ups.
Just a comfortable couch!

We were all  glued to TSN Sports screen followed by
a few hollers and screeches.
There were some close calls in the final quarter that made us a bit wary.
 It was a great feeling to see the Grey Cup being handed over to the BC Lions,
for the first time since 1994!
Congratulation to the Lions who defeated Bombers 34-23!

It didn't take long as we began to have our final celebration party.
Cheese cake  desserts with orange topping mingled with mandarin orarnges,
made the perfect table setting...as we all sat down and had our post game debriefings.

Kudos to my Winnipeg friends and family!
Yes, your home town boy, Andrew Harris, was honored
the Most Valuable Canadian Player!
You have lots to be proud of!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Advent

A light dusting of snow,
amidst  the falling leaves still showing their radiance.
This is truly the beginning of the Advent Season.
I can picture the Advent's wreath.

A time to quiet our hearts and reflect about the reason for the season.
A time to help our little ones capture the real message.
This year will be different for all of us.
But different is good as we continue to create and build new dreams.

A King will be born.
This is the time to prepare our hearts for the coming of God's Son.
May we reflect the light of Jesus this season and give Hope to others
and recognize that we all are offered this special HOPE!
Each week we will light another candle signifying...


Thursday, November 24, 2011

True Confessions of a MGCC Gal

 Many of you think that the MGCC Gals have their lives together in the kitchen.
Daily, you see us posting these beautiful looking recipes.
We try to create a presentation style that meets the eye.
You've seen us splattered all over the newspapers...
Amazon.ca loves us.
Global TV at noon,  this Saturday, Nov.26th invites us to sit on the red couch.
Book signings...
Baking and cooking demonstrations...

But meanwhile we use our kitchens as a science lab
and many times things flop.

Today I'm crossing the line...

This week I dug up an old favorite recipe of my son's.
After I quickly whipped up the first batch, I was fit to be tied.
I seemed to have lost the touch.
I was scraping dough off the sheets and attempting to dump them in the garbage when...
the thought,  was prompted by my 4 year old,

"Why don't we give these crumbs to the birds."

I dumped them hastily into my new "Thatsa"  bowls.

The man of the house was quick to reply from his office...

"You are not dumping those...someone will eat those crumbs."

By mid afternoon, another young one appeared at my doorstep.
"Oma, you are not throwing those in the garbage."
By now...the bowl of crumbs was nearly finished.

He said,
"These are the best cookies you've ever made."
And guess who took the rest home.

As I stated earlier, I'm stepping out of line today...
I can't keep this from our readers any longer.
I've heard of several other MGCC Gals who have admitted and shared their stories,
over the past few weeks and days.

I wonder how many of them will step up to the plate
and share their true confessions! 

Let's see what happens out there.
Yes, I agree we are confidential...but not in the kitchen!

Let's see who comes out of the woodwork.

Monday, November 21, 2011

One More MUMPHF!

 We've heard theses words over and over...
"And how old will you be?"

 And he fell in love with Bill, his friendly little hairy puppet!
And we told stories all night under his favorite blanket.

 Ah ha,  he wanted to become bigger than his brother.
So everyone had fun...growing their legs.

 And as we sat as adults, drinking our coffee and enjoying banana creamed pie,
it was such a delight to look over and see the two brothers playing quietly together.
That's not always the case!

 But Oma, "First I need to make a VIS!"
And he took all his Mario characters and decorated his own cake.
And of course big brother was delighted to light the candles.
I don't know how many times, we let him blow out the candles.

And in one more MUMPHF it's Christmas!
We all had a wonderful time as the little one celebrated his 4th birthday.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dragging Low!

It's the time of year for fresh hazelnuts.
I love to bake and cook with them substituting them wherever possible.
They are high in antioxidants and provide you with nutritional value.

You can probably smell these muffins coming fresh out of my oven.
If you are interested in freshly ground hazelnut flour and roasted hazelnuts,
contact Peter at hazelnuts@shaw.ca or you can even call him...604-796-2550.
Check out the recipe at MGCC plus check out our families famous Hazelnut Roll!
Just in time for Christmas!

Meanwhile it's snowing tonight...and I love it as I have a day at home on Friday.
Meanwhile, I think you'll see me dragging quite low this weekend.
It's always a moment like this...
I was walking along with Mikki, and our conversation went like this,
"Could I please have my camera?"
"Why do you always need your camera?"
We laughed hilariously as we saw this old truck screeching around the corner.

"Well," I said....."Now you know why I need my camera!"
It's when you least expect it.
I hope you can drag and smile along with me.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Arrival of Special Guests!

We waited with excitment.
We had been anticipating this weekend to be somewhat unusal,
with the gathering of the the dignitaries coming together for the
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit to be held in Hawaii, 2011.
Little did we know that he would arrive in in the small town of Ko Olina,
a small resort for tourists fleeing from the tourist filled beaches of Waikiki.

But what we did know, was that 'Air Force One' was to arrive 
at about 10:40 pm Friday evening, November 11th at the 
Pearl Harbor-Hickam Airport.
Those details had me slip out on my balcony at 10:30 pm,
waiting, watching and listening for the sounds of engines.
Sure enough...the 'Air Force One' glided over our hotel,
just as the local networks had indicated.

Hawaii was chosen to host the APEC Summit 2011.
There, on the distance shores, stands the Ihilani  JW Marriott Hawaii Hotel,
the prime location property of Ko Olina, 
where President Obama and Prime Minister Steven Harper,and Delegates 
would continue there discussions of regional issues including trade and economic cooperation.

I was used to walking the three mile ocean promenade every day...but not today.
The barriers became apparent and security made itself obvious.
It made me feel restless and anxious.

But for some reason, today, I was feeling somewhat barred from my peaceful morning walk.
Where would I find my morning coffee and newspaper?

But, not for long...I smuggled myself through the gates,
posed with an APEC ID and carried on my daily duties.
I thought I would make one quick final inspection of the Ihilani Hotel.

When you walked through the front lobby,
one was most heartily greeted by a beautiful poster draping over the triangular pillars.

The hallways and corridors were sparkling clean.
I had observed extra cleaning crews giving careful details to the lobby.
The front lobby table was covered with the most exquisite Hawaiian floral bouquets.

And guess who greeted me at the Information Desk?
It felt like another work day at the office.
I think I should of considered changing my attire for the Presidential event.

It would of been nice to have taken a quick dip...but by now,
it was time to take one last glimpse and head to the airport.

One magnificent resort hotel in a quiet spot on the island of Oahu.
I'm sure our Presidents and Delegates could also feel the warm Pacific welcome.
On our way to the airport we were greeted by protestors, waving, smiling and cheering.

But it wasn't for long...and we were stopped by security and police force.
We flashed our Canadian passports, smiled and sped along.

This was an unusual, yet very memorial event for some 
Canadian citizens who love the Islands of Hawaii.

 Getty Images
May God continue to give our leaders the inspiration, wisdom and spirit to work together.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It always intrigues me while we're in mid-air flying..
I love watching those screens indicating the height, speed and location.
The best part is when you see the marker at 10,000 feet.
then 5000...
then 3000...
5 feet...
and finally it's a safe touchdown.
And I can breath a sigh of relief.

Better yet, is arriving home and finding welcome notes.
It feels like I've been famished after being gone for a few weeks.
There's nothing like that old fashioned cooking awaiting your arrival.
Big Thanks!

Ah, yes, it's good to be back HOME AGAIN!
As the rest of you know...there's the unpacking,
mail sorting, book work, laundry, and cooking for the family,
but in the end, it's so good to come back for all of this again.
I would not trade it for anything.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Leaving for This!

Time for Reflection!
Time for Dreaming!

Time For Sailing!

Time for Wave Watching!

Time for Pondering!
Time for Swimming & Reading!

And guess who's tagging along?
It's worth leaving it all for This!