Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Leaving This Too?

I woke up to find the morning sun splashing color on my Red Sunset Maple.

Oh, I love it...I'm leaving this???
The same Sunset Maple at mid day.

And finally, at the end of the day as the sun was shutting down,
one more final glimpse of my Red Sunset Maple.
Four majestic views in the same day...
And I'm leaving this, too?


  1. It certainly is brilliant when the sun shines on it! Gorgeous! So WHY are you leaving now when all this beauty surrounds you???

  2. The leaves will fall while you're gazing at another brilliant blue sky and swaying palms. Just keep looking up!

  3. You'll have to show us an after shot when you get back! Have fun!!

  4. look at the difference that shooting during the golden hour in the morning made! Gooooooorgeous! Of course you can leave took a picture that will last longer than the tree itself probably! Go have fun!

  5. I'm picking up the clues and as much as I love autumn vistas, I think I might join you for a beach view!

  6. What a gorgeous photo! I might have to borrow it for my screen saver! Fall is here for sure.

  7. Have a nice trip...and I'll come over and house-sit!

    I love your little spot on the earth.


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