Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm Leaving This, For?

A stroll on a beach front with snow capped mountains...
and fall colors in abundance?

A dip in a glacier fed lake?

Snow capped mountains reminding me of winter wonderland to come?

Even though the sun is shining, but so is that nippy wind.

He just informed me that he'd rather head south.


  1. Beautiful scenery, but the south would be warmer! Are you heading off on an adventure?

  2. A little birdie told me that there might be a little sunshine and a tropical breeze in your future. Have a great time!

  3. South? Hmmm...I thought you were heading west. You may be able to shed your jackets...but the views won't be nearly as spectacular as the ones you are leaving behind. That is my unbiased opinion.

  4. Wherever on this beautiful planet you are going, enjoy and be blessed!

  5. Beautiful pics....loved the one of you and him on the bench. Happy and safe travels! I'll be checking back to see where your feet land.

  6. me too. .me too! I'm starting to feel jealous. I know that is bad. .but honest.
    Beautiful photo of the two of you!

  7. Beautiful photos Marg. South will be a good diversion....

  8. Your view is so gorgeous. I could gaze upon it forever and never tire.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Beautiful photo .. that last one. Enjoy the warm sunshine on the island.


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