Monday, October 31, 2011

How Can I Leave This?

I found this Aspen on my bike  ride the other day...

I thought they only grew in the interior.

He's a beauty, as he shows off his radiance.
A golden aspen...I think I need one.

Ah...Did I say I was leaving this too?
(I know it's Halloween, but I'd rather show the true colors)


  1. The fall colours are calling out to me too. Enjoy your new scenery!

  2. A beautiful tree for this particular day! I don't think you are seeing any like that where you are right now.

  3. OH it is so pretty. .such a perfect tree for today.

  4. Beautiful color for today!

  5. Your trees are so pretty! This time of year is visually stunning. I do like winter, but it should be much shorter and fall much longer!
    I once went on a vacation and totally missed my daisies. I don't know where you are, but I'll bet it is beautiful. Have fun.

  6. Gorgeous! Each photo looks like a painting.

  7. Beautiful aspen tree! Aspens and maples make the most marvelous colored leaves!

    Still waiting to hear where you're going and for how long!


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