Friday, October 14, 2011


This big red bowl created quite the excitement this weekend.
I was told that family members were all out of town.
So I thought I would experiment....
with Judy's Refrigerator Potato Rolls,
that can only be found in our MGCC Cookbook.

Thanks Kathy for sharing your fancy Hovis bread pans with me!
They are unique and are on my Christmas list!

Ah...I see a little hand stretched over the loaves...testing.
How high do they need to be?

There's nothing like peaking into the oven window...

and waiting for the end results.
"Are they still too hot to eat?"
"When can we eat them?"

Each day I cut up enough dough to make another quick pan. kids said they would not be home,
but by the end of the weekend all the baking was gone!

One Red Bowl, with One BIG Recipe,
and many variations...
to be made fresh daily up to five days!
Since when does yeast dough last that long?

Meanwhile the little one bounced upside down with glee...just waiting...

And wondering when I would be ready to play his favorite game...

"Go Fish, Oma!!!"

Now does anyone know where I can find that Big Red Bowl?
I heard that it's a Tupper ware Bowl....
Who sells Tupperware?

Hey, let's make an exchange....

Red Bowl for MGCC Cookbook.

Do I have any one who can help?
Leave a comment and let's get acquainted.


  1. I'll bet you'll have lots of takers on this, Marg! Good luck. I think I'll be trying a big bowl of that potato dough this weekend, as I have two young people painting the upstairs, and they might need the inspiration of a good baking smell.

  2. You are the queen of exchanges! Here's hoping you end up with one very huge red bowl. If not...I'm willing to part with mine...on occasion.

  3. That sounds like a must have bowl. I hope you find it. Now... I need to find a Pamperd Chef Lady....exchanges could be happening there too! =)

  4. I think my big (yellow) tupperware bowl isn't as tall as that one. I'll check around down here to see if the tupperware stalls in the malls have one of these...

  5. Now "That's A Bowl" - isn't that what it's called? I'd love one of those too. That recipe is also on my list to make soon. And I love those little bread pans.

  6. Hi Marg,
    That big red bowl is called "That's a mega bowl" you can purchase it online at or you can find a consultant in your area by entering your info. Hope that helps, Noella

  7. Hi Marg,
    my daughter in law, Becky, is a tupperware consultant...she'd be happy to talk to you about that big bowl. Email me & I'll give you her phone#.

  8. What a great idea to have the bread dough "on call" waiting for you to have a hot treat. It looks delicious!

  9. I love that big red bowl. My fix and mix is how old now? I love this post..very fun.

  10. I used to have a big green Tupperware bowl, but I have no idea what happened to it ... weird, now that I think of it.

    I'll check around in the thrift shops here.

  11. That is some good-looking bread! Your home must have smelled wonderful!

  12. I would have been standing on my head thinking about eating some of that delicious bread, too.♥


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