Monday, October 24, 2011

BOOTH 490!

All I knew was that I was looking for Booth 490!
Go to the right, then to the left and turn the corner again....
Way down the aisle, I could finally see the sign,


And there she was to greet us.
How wonderful to be able to partner with this wonderful gal,
Wendy, who owns Winks Gift Shop in Chilliwack.
She invited us to share our MGCC book signings in her wonderful booth,
at the West Coast Women's Show, one of BC's largest events, this past weekend.

And here is our dedicated, fearless, leader...putting the final touches to our day,
always willing to meet, greet and share the story with everyone.

Women, from all walks of life, interested in knowing how we met,
where we came from, how we got started and excited to hear about us
sharing our author royalties with an orphanage in Ukraine.

Ellen whipped down from Seattle to join the gang,
she is a real trooper in more than one way.
Thanks Ellen for always supporting us and making the extra effort.

One of the highlights was being invited and asked to share at the "Kitchen Theatre."
"Gathering Family for Breakfast"
Here we demonstrated waffles, custard, berry sauce and egg cups.
Chef Dez was the Host, and loved being surrounded by our group.
We all know that he sampled everything.
At the end of the day...he announced
that the MGCC Women had one of the best presentations,
 and we executed it in timely fashion as we only had 30 minutes.
But ladies, let me tell you...
we also took time to observe and watch the Firemen cook,
as they made their own stunning presentation.
We smiled as they licked their fingers.
But they were having fun.

At the end of the day, nothing was more heart warming,
to see how many women's hearts were touched by the story,
that Winks proceeds, for the books were going to feed an orphange in Romania.
Wendy and Dave just came back from Romania blessing an entire village with food hampers.
Women would just grab a  book and say,
"This just makes me want to continue to support your ministry."

At 9:00 pm, I looked at Wendy...and I knew we were at the end of the day.
Thanks to Wendy and her whole team.
Thank you Dave for treating us with royalty and generosity.
You are a great team to partner with and we'd do it all over again.

Now, grab your car and dash out to visit Winks.
I'm sure it will be a hit on your Christmas list.


  1. The booth looked great - no wonder people were attracted to it! I met with one very tired and satisfied member of your team last night and enjoyed hearing all about the demonstration. Every one of you is amazing!
    I am going to try to work in a stop at Winks this week.

  2. Thanks to Winks for having booth 490! What a fun time it was.

  3. Thank you Marg for such a great recap of our time together and for your tribute to Winks! Such a great partnership we have with them. Blessings on your week!

  4. Love your pictures and how you put this post together, Marg. A great tribute to Wendy and Dave too!

  5. Thanks Marg - It was a great read - The demonstrations and sales look great.

  6. Great recap of the weekend. I love seeing the photos of you all!

  7. What a wonderful cause your cookbooks are supporting! You and your friends always seem to have great adventures together! Yeah for booth 490!

  8. Everything about this is wonderful, Marg. Your combined success thrills my soul. God surely has a big smile.

  9. What a great success! And so selfless of you to stay and show your support for the eye candy...I mean the firefighters! Hee hee hee.
    But seriously, that is soooo cool what Wendy did!


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