Monday, October 17, 2011

And the Winner Is....

Thank-you to all of you who responded either through comments or emails.
We do have a winner.
Can you locate her?
She is the flower girl on this photo.
She and I will catch up later this week and trust me...
She will learn all about the Big Red Bowl,
as I present her with our Mennonite Girls Can Cook, Cookbook!

Congratulations Christy!

You see, my sister Sheryl married Dave who had this sweet little niece.
I was Sheryl's maid of honor...
And my real honor was to take care of her small niece, Christy.

I followed her every step and made sure that she acted just like a princess.
As you can see,
I am looking down at her constantly and approving her behavior in a reassuring way.
She actually remembers me as the lady taking care of her.
I believe today that she really is a Princess with a tiny princess of her own.
I wish you the best in your business as you continue to sell Tupperware!
Who would of know that you would be taking care of me, right now?

Congratulations Sheryl & Dave!
You've made it.... 25 years!
Twenty five years ago...and look at our stories.
They have tangled again!


  1. Congratulations to Dave and Sheryl. I love the connection and the memories!
    Sweet little Christy..I have a connection with her too.

  2. That was a sweet trip down memory lane, I'm sure! I just knew the era of the wedding by the hair styles because I had one of them!

  3. Congratulations, Sheryl and Dave! Love the photos.

    Perfect timing...the anniversary and the tupperware bowl dealer coming forward. ☺

  4. Congratulations to Dave and Sheryl ! If there is anything I love more than weddings it is wedding anniversaries ! Loved to see you in the photos, Marg!

  5. Congratulations to Dave and Sheryl!
    I do remember them that way! I just do not remember you! Never would have guessed that Cheryl's sister would become such a great friend.

  6. What a sweet post Marg! Love seeing you here as a maid of honor!

  7. What a wonderful seems as life has a wonderful way of coming full circle. I have been absent from the blogging world as I sorted through some things in life...I have missed all of my blogging friends. And that bread looks delicious. Wish I could smell it also ! Take care.


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